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“I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.”

— Walt Disney


Did you . know…

Did you know…

… that today is the birthday of the Drive-In Movie Theater? The first drive-in movie theater opened in Camden, New Jersey, June 6, 1933. The first movie shown was Wife Beware, starring Adolph Menjou. It was the creation of chemical company magnate Richard Hollingshead, Jr. He advertised his drive-in theater with the slogan, “The whole family is welcome, regardless of how noisy the children are.” 😉



To avoid a cheque bounce case a lady alleged rape against the complainant, High Court did not agree | Latest laws

via To avoid a cheque bounce case a lady alleged rape against the complainant, High Court did not agree | Latest laws

Delhi High Court has found a case of rape a counter blast to the cheque bounce case and finding it unreliable, it accepted the discharge of accused from the rape case.

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I’m constantly on the lookout for fascinating facts, interesting new research and shareable nuggets. I try to ALWAYS have one in my back pocket before a dinner or party.

Inevitably there is a lull in the conversation and then BOOM! I hit them with:

Did you know…

1. Ashley is the most popular name password.

If ‘ashley’ is your password, please go change it right now! In the recent password leak researchers found a surprising pattern. ‘Ashley’ was the most common name used — even though it’s not that popular of a name. “Michael” was the most commonly used male name (used 425,291 times). Soccer fans also use their teams as passwords. The most common sports team? “Liverpool” was breached 280,723 times, “Chelsea” 216,677 times and “arsenal” 179,095 times.

Conversation Hack: Ask someone if they can guess what the most popular ‘name’ password is.

2. If you share bad news people will like you less.

‘Shooting the messenger’ is a psychological reality. Researchers found that when you share bad news, people will like you less, even when you are simply an innocent messenger. Across a series of 11 experiments, the team found that people rate innocent messengers as less likable if they delivered bad news. So…this is pretty bad news right? Delivering bad news is already uncomfortable, now we have to worry about it hurting our likability?

Social Tip: Make other people deliver bad news for you. No, just kidding! Well, not really. But if you have to deliver bad news be sure to build in lots of rapport building time before and after. You will need it.

3. Mark Zuckerberg chose Morgan Freeman to be the voice of his AI assistant.

Does Siri annoy you? How about Alexa? Turns out researchers have found that people are more irritated by the tone of an AI voice rather than the actual voice. So…Mark Zuckerberg asked thousands of people:

Who would you like to be the voice of your AI?

And the resounding winner? Morgan Freeman is the voice for Mark Zuckerberg’s AI assistant!

4. A non-obvious way to procrastinate less is to be more mindful.
Researchers found that learning about mindfulness can help you procrastinate less. Specifically, mindfulness training should help you focus on the present and accept negative thoughts without judgment. Need to work on your procrastination? You might try taking a mindfulness course. I love this as a different approach to productivity.
Self-Improvement Hack: Cultivate your mindfulness. I have a 14 step guide on meditation and mindfulness you can start with.
5. We gossip for 52 minutes per day…and that’s not as bad as it sounds.
Gossip is a terrible vice. Or is it? Researchers asked people to wear a recording device for a few days and eavesdropped on their conversations. They found that people do indeed gossip, but much of that gossip is neutral. Only 15% was mean-spirited. Gossip itself isn’t the problem, negative talk is.
Self-Improvement Hack: It’s ok to talk about others, but try to keep it neutral or positive. What would happen if you could only say nice or informational things about others? Would it change your attitude? Your relationships?
And if you needed any more motivation to stop mean-spirited gossiping re-read fascinating fact #1 — saying bad things about others makes people like you less.
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