10 Times British Cops Said ‘No’ To Free Speech – Listverse

via 10 Times British Cops Said ‘No’ To Free Speech – Listverse


After Vedic Math – India learnt Con-Gressi Maths in these General . Elections.

The Con-Gress President kept attacking PM Narendra Modi . as THIEF on. Rafale Aircraft Deal.

Now as his party’s results are out see how the Dynasts are protected by their Tablespoons/  sycophants.

HOW Congress plays with numbers, how Rahul Gandhi lied on Rafale numbers. See an example. “CWC decided to keep Rahul Gandhi as President and Congratulated him for being more successful in Campaigning than Modi because Modi got only 11% more seat (272 to 303) But Rahul Gandhi got 18% more seat(44 to 52)..👍👏👏👏

Yes Of course. If he wins 52 out of 230 on which election was fought – that’s really 22.6% success rate or 71.4% Failure rate -we . can choose whichever one we like. 52 out of 543 is 9.5% (market share or LS seat % for a party which ruled for 60 years! ) Great No? The market share or. LS Seat share. really grew from 8.1% to . 9.5% . which is 1.4% higher. than last. Now you . can see how Pappu manipulated the Rafale figures with his Pachattis. AAnkde or numbers or figures. I wonder if he even. knows the difference if we were to. say. your numbers are wrong or your figures are wrong – he . would . not know. the difference. Wah. Wah. 😊🥰😎