Thank you for 200,0027 Views my BFFFs. In 365 days with 39000 Viewers sharing over 150,000 likes.

Thank you for 200,000 Views my BFFFs in365 days with 39000 Viewers sharing over 150,000 likes.


On 13th May 2018 I began on this Re-start journey of posting on my blog in right earnest.  Took a WordPress Business Plan and got fantastic support and advice from the WordPress team. My Thanks to you for giving me this space (of course for a price 🙂 ) but your support team’s support was priceless.

From here – Where? What next.

I have decided to slow down a bit and share less of content from subscribed newsletters as most of my readers may have already followed the ones they like so no duplication.

I got suggestions at Toastmasters where I displayed this work as part of my project – people said / and evaluators and mentors said – I must share my own thoughts more than. sharing others!  I am taking this seriously in 2019 – may be, I shall not get the Floaters – the casual. visitors coming thru. search engines but I am sure I shall get the support of . all the. BFFFs who helped me reach this landmark.