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Week of 4 April 2019
WeWork Logo
WeWork reports $1.9 billion loss on $1.8 billion revenue in 2018
Doubling its revenue from $886 million in 2017 to around $1.8 billion in 2018.
Source: Crunchbase
Slack Logo
Slack is reportedly going public on the NYSE but skips doing an IPO
With $900 million in cash on hand, it has chosen a direct listing like Spotify last year.
Source: Techcrunch
Apple Logo
Qualcomm falls, Apple rises after latest legal battle ends in a draw
Preliminary ruling over Qualcomm’s $1 billion patent royalty rebate starts next month.
Source: Techcrunch
Alibaba Logo
Alibaba, Tencent and others major names form $1.45 billion ride-hailing venture
Their car-sharing services powered by renewable energy launch in Nanjing this June.
Source: Techcrunch
Palantir Logo
Palantir wins $800 million US Army contract for battlefield intelligence system
To develop a new comprehensive combat intelligence hardware and software suite.
Source: Techcrunch
Huawei Logo
Huawei books $8.8 billion profit for 2018 as demand for consumer devices rises
A positive sign for the private company, despite its ongoing struggle with the US gov.
Source: Techcrunch
Facebook Logo
Facebook launches a searchable transparency Ad library of all active ads
To help ensure ads aren’t misused to spread fake news following the 2016 US election
Source: Techcrunch