India rejects OIC resolution on “Indian terrorism” in Kashmir – The Hindu


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“Water flows free and wild, not aware of any boundaries or rules or traditions. Not bothered about anything gone or left behind, she eagerly rushes to new dimensions in her life knowing the best is yet to come. Learn to be like the soul of water; clean, compassionate, loving yet strong enough to endure anything.”

— Harshada Pathare

New Role – Toastmasters 👏👏👏Thank you 

  1. Great new learning experience! Playing Contest Chair, contest master, signing certificates as Presenter ! WOW! @nipm Area L2 Contests. Thank you respected mentor DTM Askander Mirza for your guidance at every step.👌🙌👏🙏🙏🙏 Thanks to Div Director TM Prakash Tamhankar , Area Director TM Anees Aziz , Chief Judge DTM Ramlal. Contest masters Paras Prakash , Abdul Quddoos. And the team a.nd great speakers, Winners.Thank you.