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By Fred Wilson, 13 hours ago · One of my favorite moves that I have seen founders do in the early stages of their company (think pre-seed, seed, and possibly into the Srs A stages), is the w.. Read More →
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By Brad Feld, 13 hours ago · Sphero has announced RVR, a go anywhere, do anything programmable robot. It launched on Kickstarter today and is available, along with a bunch of other fun pre.. Read More →

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By ThisWeekInStartups.com, 7 hours ago · The post E904: Legendary investor & operator Keith Rabois (Khosla Ventures, PayPal, Opendoor) shares advice for entrepreneurs in the current anti-VC/anti-h.. Read More →
Silicon Florist Remove
By Rick Turoczy, 5 hours ago · Like the return of spring, it’s always nice to see the return of activity to thePortland startup community. As we shake off the slow down of the holidays, qui.. Read More →
Startup Canada | Entrepreneurship Empowers Everyone Remove
By Maddie Stiles, 4 hours ago · Meet James Boettcher, a serial entrepreneur who is showing his customers that they CAN buy happiness – and it comes in an aesthetically-pleasing jar. James is .. Read More →
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By Joanne Wilson, 11 hours ago · By Joanne Wilson, Gotham Gal Photo Credit: David Johnson I began investing in women over a decade ago. It was a major part of my investing thesis. Why? Twelve .. Read More →
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By AlleyWatch, 5 hours ago · The latest venture capital, seed, and angel deals for NYC startups for 2/18/19 featuring funding details for Covera Health and Zipdrug. Read More →
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By Ashley Hanson, 9 hours ago · “Time is money.” Never does that phrase ring more true than when you’ve wasted days going back and forth over email to coordinate a sales meeting or spent hour.. Read More →
Quick Sprout Remove
By Lars Lofgren, 8 hours ago · I remember the first site I ever worked on — a blog I built in college. After gettingthe site live, I heard I needed Google Analytics so I set it up. A few da.. Read More →
Both Sides of the Table Remove
By Mark Suster, 21 hours ago · I was scanning Twitter this past week and I came across these great Tweets by Michael Seibel at Y Combinator.When I was young I thought management was about di.. Read More →
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By Startup-Buzz Team, 13 hours ago · You finally made it to college, and you’re all set for the coming semester. If you’re open to the idea of juggling your studies and making money on the side, w.. Read More →
Future Startup Remove
By Ruhul Kader, 16 hours ago · We are launching a new series, in collaboration with WebAble, a leading digital communication technology company based in Dhaka, with an ambition to demystify .. Read More →
Insiders Look At The Startup World – MyStartupLand Remove
By Zachary Kee-Clemmer, 17 hours ago · The transportation industry is one of the biggest that has been flipped upside-down by startups. From rideshare services like Uber and Lyft to scooters like Bi.. Read More →
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By Startup News, 23 hours ago · There are 20 million vehicles in Australia, many of which spend 7 to 10 hours day baking in the sun. Current solutions involve those foldable sunshades. A loca.. Read More →
StartUs Magazine – Your European Startup Daily Remove
By FOXYpreneur, 21 hours ago · Innovation does not have to break entirely new ground. Many new and successful business models stem from new ways to consider established industries. Those who.. Read More →
The Startup Magazine | Your Roadmap to Success Remove
By Guest Contributor, 5 hours ago · Inc. Magazine recently reported that the average age new entrepreneurs open their first startup is 40. While the media tends to publicize those who have become.. Read More →
By Guest Contributor, 11 hours ago · Startups with a solid business plan and great pitch deck have a far greater chance of gaining investment. In this essay by one of Mercia’s Fund Principals, Ian.. Read More →
StartupNation.com: Everything you need to build your business Remove
By Stuart Hearn, 17 hours ago · Starting a business can be exciting and terrifying all at once. You’ve found something you’re passionate about and you want to live and breathe it every day. Y.. Read More →
By Justin E. Crawford, 17 hours ago · Let’s be honest, the mattress business may not seem like the most fascinating niche in the startup world; especially at a time when industries like technology .. Read More →
The Startup Pitch – The Original Place to Post your Startup Pitch online Remove
By public, 8 hours ago · Company / App Name: Oiyster https://www.oiyster.me/en What does it do? Oiyster is a travel social messaging app for travellers to interact with locals or fello.. Read More →
By public, 18 hours ago · Company / App Name: SwapAnHour http://www.swapanhour.comTwitterhttps://twitter.com/swapanhour What does it do? Swap an hour (SwapAnHour) is a community of s.. Read More →
Startup Daily Remove
By Gina Baldassarre, 47 mins ago · Given Australia’s love of everything property and real estate, it’s fitting thatinnovation in terms of real estate-focused startups is strong. Over the last f.. Read More →
By Startup Daily, 47 mins ago · By Andrew Spence A video camera mounted above the mirror captures images of people performing everyday tasks such as brushing their teeth as well as more struc.. Read More →
By Gina Baldassarre, 2 hours ago · The Australian Computing Academy (ACA), a division of the University of Sydney, has launched the Schools Cyber Security Challenges, which will see cyber securi.. Read More →
OurCrowd – A better way to invest in startups. Remove
By OurCrowd, 17 hours ago · Here, engineers working for Virgin Hyperloop One are testing a radically differenttype of mass transit: one that aims to move people and cargo in small wheel-.. Read More →
By OurCrowd, 17 hours ago · Surgical Theater brings Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions for Skull Base Surgery to the Annual NASBS Meeting in Orlando, FL from February 15-16, 2019 at .. Read More →
By OurCrowd, 17 hours ago · Influitive Corp., a leading cloud-based customer advocacy community platform provider, announced today it has secured $10 million in equity and debt financing… Read More →
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By Passport 2 Success, 14 hours ago · In this video, we give you some tips on how to combat stress as a business owner. The post How To Combat Stress As A Business Owner appeared first on Passport .. Read More →
By Passport 2 Success, 17 hours ago · Manchester-Headquartered Milk Jnr’s & Kidsworks has promoted Royston Scott to Procurement & Logistics Director. Royston has worked at the agency – who .. Read More →
By Passport 2 Success, 17 hours ago · A Yorkshire-based fashion start-up has exceeded its Kickstarter funding goal by 300%. The Men’s jewellery brand, Arder & Perrell has secured £5986 its flag.. Read More →
EU-Startups | Spotlight on European startups Remove
By Mary Loritz, 11 hours ago · This island of green hills, rocky coasts, friendly people, sheep, and pubs, has alsobecome Europe’s headquarters and tax haven for tech giants like Apple, Goo.. Read More →
By Mary Loritz, 12 hours ago · Barcelona-based Signaturit provides an easy and secure way to sign documents from your mobile device, with legal validity and without installing additional app.. Read More →
By Mary Loritz, 14 hours ago · Back pain is one of the leading self-reported medical problems in the world. In theUS alone, the condition is estimated to affect 100 million people per year… Read More →
By Mariaclaudia Carella, 15 hours ago · Valentine’s Day was last week. Yet, if you are single, chances are that you can’t shake off the memory of couples involved in blunt, undisturbed public display.. Read More →
Austin Startups Remove
By Hugh Forrest, 5 hours ago · Stefan Kuman, CEO of CargoXThe Forrest Four-Cast: February 19, 2019Fifty diverse startups will aim to impress a panel of judges and a live audience with their .. Read More →
By Hugh Forrest, 9 hours ago · The German marching band Meute performing at the 2018 SXSW Interactive Innovation AwardsThe Forrest Four-Cast: Feb 19, 201950 of the world’s top startups will .. Read More →
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