“We grew up founding our dreams on the infinite promise of American advertising. I still believe that one can learn to play the piano by mail and that mud will give you a perfect complexion.”

“Thanks again for saving me. Someday, I’ll save you too.”

– Zelda Fitzgerald

“I married the heroine of my stories.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald


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Applause from Gustavo Razzetti and 2 others
The Most Transformative and Radical Ideas I’ve Heard From an American Leader in My Lifetime
Applause from Luke Rowley and 2 others
You know what they say.
Applause from Karthik Rajan and 2 others
Why we got the glass-half-full metaphor all wrong
Applause from Lisa Daum and 2 others
Some of us like to keep a low profile in the bedroom
Member contentFor Members
A reading list for becoming a better citizen and person
Ryan HolidayMember only content12 min read
Applause from David Paul Kirkpatrick and 1 other
How to protect your web browsing from privacy invasions and the surveillance state
David Koff in Better HumansMember only content17 min read
Applause from David Thomas-Jensen
When the image of your future self collides with the reality of now
Emily J. SmithMember only content8 min read
Based on your reading history
Applause from Nicole Akers and 2 others
Sitting on the couch sandwiched between my sister and I sat my nanny. From the earliest days that I was able…
Applause from Stephen M. Tomic
Audio by Demetria Reads
Jessica SemaanMember only content1 min read
Applause from anna breslin
Ghosts tread close behind us all, each one as unique as a snowflake…
Tom GreggMember only content16 min read
From authors you follow
The EconomistMember only content5 min read
Plus a few short reviews and ratings
Kris Gage10 min read
Applause from Shannon Ashley
Amelia Earhart on tenacity. (The Commonplace Book Project)
Hint: The Answer Isn’t Always Yes
Get out of your mental cocoon
Applause from people you follow
Applause from Tiffany Sanya and 2 others
What it takes to be less lonely.
Applause from Kris Gage and 2 others
2018 was an eventful year. I had surgery. I started going to therapy again. I wrote about love, and the…
Roxane Gay9 min read
Applause from Sam H Arnold and 2 others
You Need Milestones to Chase Your Dreams
Best in Creativity
Applause from Lisa Daum and 1 other
Why linking your work to your interests can do more harm than good
Stephanie BuckMember only content9 min read
Applause from David Thomas-Jensen and 1 other
Young adult novels are bravely exploring the biggest themes of our era and creating a community of empowered…
Keith StuartMember only content10 min read
Drawing is a translation of all my voices and words — an attempt to draw nothing
Roman MuradovMember only content6 min read
Best in TV
Applause from Jake Wilder and 2 others
The genre changed much more than entertainment
Applause from Niklas Göke
Netflix’s plans for the TV series may finally give Japanese cartoons a shot at live-action success
Rob BrickenMember only content6 min read
Applause from Lisa Renee
Is there something subversive beneath all that good taste and Chantilly lace?
Joanna ScuttsMember only content8 min read