150 fewer farmer suicides in 2018 | Mumbai News – Times of India – for some it is just a number! Sadly.

via 150 fewer farmer suicides in 2018 | Mumbai News – Times of India

‘I am meant to be happy, to make others happy,’

Say to yourself, ‘I am meant to be happy, to make others happy,’ and gradually you do become happy yourself and make others so too.

Don’t suggest to your mind, ‘I am tired, haggard,depressed.’ That will make you feel worse. Always say, ‘all is well and beautiful. I will be happy.’ I will help you spiritually.


[ From :- Over The Years With Meher Baba by Bill Le Page ( Copyright: Avatar Meher Baba P.P.C. Trust. Ahmednagar M.S. India) ]

New Zealand Settlers Day

Did you know…

… that today is New Zealand Settlers Day? The first settlers from Great Britain came to New Zealand on January 22, 1840. Originally part of the Australian colony of New South Wales, New Zealand became a separate colony in 1841 and was made self-governing in 1852. Dominion status was attained in 1907, and full independence was granted in 1931 and ratified by New Zealand in 1947.

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Online Toastmasters – If you want to be a True International/ Global Speaker.


TMI Online Witty Story tellers GE 22.1.19
Witty Birda Online


Very interesting Online Toastmasters meeting from Europe today with participants from Russia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, India (3), SriLanka, Germany and Cambodia. Svetlana Rakhimova kindly invited me to be the General Evaluator. It was a wonderful meeting, great table topics, prepared speeches and Evaluations. I did not feel much difference in off v/s online club of TMI as processes were same except I was taking the Zoom call in the privacy and comfort of my home. The only thing we miss is much use of Body language, gestures and also clearly listening to vocal variety due to Technological challenges.
God willing, Technology will improve things further while Toastmasters may continue to follow their prescribed formats and processes daily/ Universally.
A good point was when my daughter who was watching in between from a distance said, ” Dad, so this makes you a truly International? Global speaker  ”
What a great takeaway from this short interaction? Wonderful. So Thanks again Svetlana Rakhimova.

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Competitive Communicators

Check this out from The Times of India

Avoid single-use plastic for poll preparations, states told
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No writers block here…

Did you know: Hemingway took writing very seriously. Hence his quote: “Don’t get discouraged because there’s a lot of mechanical work to writing … I rewrote the first part of A Farewell to Arms at least fifty times.”


When not sharing links or articles I liked on the web – I take writing very seriously.

I use: “Apart from Word and Pages – Hemingway, Scrivener, Scraple.  I also check  plagiarism thrui browser extension.  I store in Google Keep and evernote.

‘Hollow People With No Ideology’: Yogendra Yadav Says Anti-BJP Front Lacks Vision – News18

via ‘Hollow People With No Ideology’: Yogendra Yadav Says Anti-BJP Front Lacks Vision – News18

For the first time I tend to agree with this usually disagreeable creature.