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The Age of Thanatos vs the Age of Eros
See other people’s doubts and use them to benefit the way you live.
Tim Denning in The AscentMember only content4 min read
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The opposite of being dogmatic.
Zat Rana in Personal GrowthMember only content7 min read
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A funny thing happens to me each time I “succeed.”
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Learn to get the sleep you deserve
John Fawkes in Better HumansMember only content31 min read
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Her communication style is worth emulating, not dismissing
Aaron HuertasMember only content10 min read
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The list of Democratic candidates is growing, and they’re all “feeling the Bern”
Alex WhitcombMember only content4 min read
Based on your reading history
There’s a thing I need to admit before we go any further: I’m a person who has always had a purpose or…
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poetry and Scandinavian winter views
Mike Koontz in beyond2cMember only content2 min read
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A Year of Sonnets — 003/365
Zach J. Payne in SangcræftMember only content1 min read
From authors you follow
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Blue FencesMember only content1 min read
Mary Oliver on life. (The Commonplace Book Project)
Shaunta GrimesMember only content4 min read
Big Tech does not control its users, however much it may want to
The EconomistMember only content5 min read
A pep talk from a concerned party in Manhattan.
John Gorman3 min read
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My daughter Vanessa has perfect pitch.
Glenna Gill in PublishousMember only content4 min read
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Despite what the Beatles may tell you, love is not all you need. When it comes to relationships, you need a…
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Don’t Worry. Be Present.
Martine Weber in The AscentMember only content7 min read
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We can’t treat the so-called ‘other side’ as losers anymore
Best in Leadership
Which conflicts to pursue and which ones to drop
Muriel VegaMember only content5 min read
Best in Humor
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More true tales from life inside the library
Katie Fricas in SpiralboundMember only content2 min read
Florence has a best friend.
Marc Jackson in SpiralboundMember only content1 min read
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Stories from library life
Katie Fricas in SpiralboundMember only content1 min read