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Ambitious people are a dime a dozen. Most people doubt themselves. All of us — in some shape or form — are…
Why They Might Be Killing Your Productivity And Well Being
Barry DavretMember only content5 min read
It’s possible to fall in love again with former pastimes.
Tim Denning in The AscentMember only content4 min read
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If this doesn’t make you shake your head, nothing will
inc. magazineMember only content4 min read
Member contentFor Members
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How a network of startups and scientists are moving to use cutting-edge tech to fight the obesity epidemic
Boyd FarrowMember only content10 min read
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The West could learn something from East Asia’s more harmonious worldview
We’re stuck on a political Gravitron. The way to get unstuck may surprise you.
Based on your reading history
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Why are we so darn hard on ourselves?
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Washed ashore in the dying light to catch my breath while you float in sleep.
Tracy Aston in The JunctionMember only content1 min read
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Penance for the hearing impaired & more
M.M. O’Keefe in PublishousMember only content8 min read
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Because these are not the same thing
Kris GageMember only content4 min read
It’s a useful role to play with yourself.
I think of you all the time And I want to be with you But we are living in times Where love has become a…
Jazalyn1 min read
One is You, I Miss You (Whoever You Are)
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Medium’s Curation Guidelines: don’t say anything. I managed to skip them, having read not a single line..
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Backstage with Freddie: a personal account of the delicate work that kept the world’s biggest rock star happy
Peter Hince in Cuepoint32 min read
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In deep delirium after a catastrophic heart attack, my subconscious ran wild
Eugene CostelloMember only content8 min read
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Why A New Generation of Women Leaders Are Getting Smeared as Dumb by Male Pundits Who’ve Been Wrong About…
Best in Marketing
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Enough with the glorified photo booths!
Fast CompanyMember only content6 min read
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It’s now the We Company. But the co-working giant’s self-image is hard to square with its current reality.
inc. magazineMember only content5 min read
Becoming an influencer is hard, as our columnist found out when he tried creative photography, consultations…
Best in Disability
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The bride and groom met through a Facebook community created for those afflicted with a rare neurological…
Architects are adapting to the need for more multisensory design
The EconomistMember only content7 min read

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