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The risk of policy shocks. 10 predictions for the global economy in 2019.
⇒ Explore: Future of Economic Progress

Bengaluru on the move. The world’s most dynamic cities are in the East.
⇒ Explore: Real Estate

On the Agenda

You can’t afford it. Why the rise in home values is tearing the US apart.

We need a politics of paradise. An alternative view of globalization 4.0.

AI can find your toilet. The power of open source data + artificial intelligence.

Blame politics, not poverty. All too often, organized violence is rational.

The ocean may survive after all. New technologies just need political will.

On our radar

Fork competition and possession rights. Welcome to blockchain economics.

Global chaos has hidden patterns – which the US defense departmentintends to find with AI.

Stable and reticent, not aggressive. A new look at China’s foreign policy.

Spacefaring civilizations. How our future in space will echo our future on Earth.

Measuring the speed of climate change. A new study of the oceans offers more precise projections.


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