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Manage your mind, change your life
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It’s a cognitive state
You probably spend at least 50% of your waking hours at work, going to work, or thinking about work.
Getting your future worth is about not settling for cheap right now.
Tim Denning in The AscentMember only content4 min read
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Long considered a joke, or a pipe dream, fusion is suddenly making enormous leaps
Brian BergsteinMember only content14 min read
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Experts disagree over just how worried you should be about smartphone health risks
Markham HeidMember only content5 min read
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Cars will drive themselves, robots will clean your toilet—but exponential progress is unlikely
Brian BergsteinMember only content9 min read
Based on your reading history
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Celia saw the ad in the morning paper. She’d peered over Robert’s shoulder as she poured the tea, and the…
Elise EdmondsMember only content6 min read
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When you’re young, it’s easy to believe different emotions can be written on a large piece of paper in a…
emma poe in The Weekly KnobMember only content3 min read
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growing through adolescence,
Ralph JamesMember only content1 min read
From authors you follow
That you’re almost guaranteed to answer wrong at first
Kris GageMember only content5 min read
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I was tagged by Iva Ursano awhile ago, to disclose 10 quirks about me.
For Chance the Rapper, accountability is not a matter of saying “I made a mistake”, because nothing occurred…
Vanessa TaylorMember only content4 min read
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Walking through the mall with my 12-year-old daughter was quite surreal.
Glenna Gill in PublishousMember only content4 min read
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Somewhere between “maybe” and “okay”…
Blue FencesMember only content1 min read
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Last weekend, I saw a meme of a text conversation that was essentially a guy saying, “You’re majoring in…
Allie Long5 min read
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Porn is undeniably more visible than ever before.
Tom Farr10 min read
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The lesson that took me six years to learn
Best in Startups
“We’re about to be incorporated. I just have to get the stuff from the IRS.”
Best in True Crime
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It started out as a routine missing persons case. But by the time the internet was done with her, Elisa Lam…
Josh Dean in MatterMember only content40 min read
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A roundtable with four of crime media’s most notable hosts
Laura BarcellaMember only content9 min read
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Women are taught to fear the bogeyman. The real threat is closer to home

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