From a young age, we’re told to dream big. But no one tells us that dreaming big often means feeling overwhelmed.
We’re so paralyzed by everything we want to accomplish – by all of the unknowns, by our high expectations for ourselves, by the fear we might fail – that we never experience the compounding magic of just getting started.
As one former-procrastinator-turned-Todoist-user put it:
“I started breaking work down into small, achievable tasks – and that was a really big deal. Completing work became addicting and the snowball effect ensued.”
Here are a few resources to help you map out your first, small step in 2019:
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Your Todoist
Only keep the things that bring you closer to who you want to be.
The Fastest Ways to Get Tasks Off Your Mind and Into Your Todoist
A clear mind does a better job at thinking.
A Quick(ish) Guide to Completing Any Project in Todoist
Focus on the next, concrete action without losing sight of the big picture.
The Ultimate Guide to Personal Productivity Methods
You don’t need another to-do list – you need a system you can trust.
And here’s a little something from our team to help you get started:
When you’re ready to start uncluttering your mind, organizing your goals, and taking that all-important first step, use the code below to get 3 free months of Todoist Premium:
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