The simplest questions sometimes hold the greatest potential for insight. As a leader, consider this one: Would you follow you? Not you on your best day, or your worst day, but on a typical day — when you’re communicating, solving problems, and making decisions with the natural tendencies that shape the character of your unique leadership style.

This question matters because when you’re just being you in the company of your team, bosses, and clients, you are continuously showing whether you are someone to trust.

If you’re authentic and fully invested in making an impact while enhancing the experience of those around you, then you strengthen your case. Conversely, if you’re inauthentic or let yourself be silenced in the moments that matter, your case weakens every time you withdraw.

via Good Leaders Don’t Disappear


7 thoughts on “Good Leaders Don’t Disappear – ( I’ll follow me ! )”

  1. Hah. Yeah… I want to hide. I cry all the time. Not all the time though, but every present moment seems to stretch out to eternity. So right now? The world is so heavy and I just want to … I dunno. Not be.

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