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Rock n’ Roll Marriage Day

Did you know…

… that today is Rock ‘n Roll Marriage Day? This date has always been a favorite time for rock ‘n roll musicians and singers to get married. In 1973, Jermaine Jackson married Hazel Gordy. In 1984, Olivia Newton-John married Matt Lattanzi. In 1984, Bette Midler married Martin von Haselbert. In 1990, Rod Stewart married Rachel Hunter. Rock n roll!


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“Simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures. Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being. Patient with both friends and enemies, you accord with the way things are. Compassionate toward yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world.”

— Lao Tzu

YourStory: Startpreneurs’ fav newsletter

The battle to secure the “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner” has reached a whole new level.

In 2018, among the many popular trends that came to attention, widely-played mobile phone game PUBG was at #1. Such has been the addiction that even a casual, occasional gamer is likely to have tried their skills at this online multiplayer. Probably, even some non-gamers!

Unfortunately, students at the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) might have to temporarily bid adieu to this battle game. Recently, VIT reportedly banned its hostellers from playing PUBG, and the Chief of Wardens said that the game disturbed fellow students and “spoiled the entire atmosphere of the hostel”.

Wondering what these students were asked to do instead? Head out and indulge in some physical sports!

Maybe they could download Pokemon Go for a change, and go catch ’em all this time.

Team YourStory

Stories you shouldn’t miss

There is no doubt that ecommerce giant Amazon India is transforming the way this country buys and sells. Keeping in tune with this, Amazon has now partnered up with the Federation of Indian Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises (FISME). The idea is to use this partnership to enable and encourage MSMEs to sell their products in India and across the world with ecommerce marketplace solutions.

At YourStory’s first ever Disruptors Tamil Nadu award ceremony at Chennai, we recognised disruptors from various domains of the state. In return, they shared their inspiring stories, memories of their past and narrated how they made an impact.  Hear from the change agents in the fields of manufacturing, journalism, arts, agriculture, entertainment, literature, technology, music, sports, e-commerce, social service, food and beverage, governance, politics and services.

In a typical situation, hiring a new candidate often entails a lengthy and tedious process. It’s also likely that a candidate’s application might just get lost amid the dozens of emails flooding the recruitment head’s inbox every single day. Easing this process a bit is an app based on Machine Learning, created by Hyreo. It involves a chatbot tracking the status of an application, following which the Human Resources department can clearly communicate with candidates.

Out of the 175 billion app downloads in the world in 2017, India accounted for at least 58 billion downloads. Clearly, us Indians, love our mobile apps. So this week, YourStory’s column ‘App Fridays’ took note of all the interesting and innovative apps that made lives a little more convenient this year. Give us your top picks of the year!

Northern European country Estonia is known to house the most unicorns per capita in the world. Besides popular internet phone service company Skype, ride-sharing app Taxify, online casino software platform Playtech, and peer-to-peer money transferring service TransferWise – all have their roots in Estonia. Altogether, there are nearly 550 tech startups in Estonia today, and it is predicted to grow to 1,000 startups by 2020.

Startups, international fund managers, government officials and key stakeholders from the startup ecosystem gathered under one roof at the recently-held Global VC Summit 2018 in Goa. Among the many topics that were discussed in length, Monetising the New India Opportunity was a prime theme. And looks like the general consensus was in favour of Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities when it comes to acting as a major boost in this subject.

Why ‘F*ck’ Is the Word of the Year – Words That Matter – Medium

Fuck is filler. It is unimaginative. It is the verbal equivalent of cuff tattoos and plug earrings. It gestures at being a badass while belying the deeper truth that you run with the pack. It is the colloquy of the proverbial basic, the pumpkin spice latte of speech.

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Free verse by jay

Because I could not celebrate for Celebration,
it did kindly celebrate for me.
Does the Celebration make you shiver?
does it?

I cannot help but stop and look at magnificent festivities.
Now brilliant is just the thing,
To get me wondering if festivities are impressive.

The blow that’s really fabulous,
Above all others is the bash.
A bash is mythical. a bash is mythic,
a bash is fab, however.

Homecoming is, in its way, the festive arrival of reunification.
Never forget the clever and cute homecoming

Random phrases: have an interesting day :)

  1. Man of Few WordsMeaning: A person who does not speak a great deal; someone who talks with as few words as possible.
  2. Swinging For the FencesMeaning: Giving something your all.
  3. Mouth-wateringMeaning: Delicious; something that looks or tastes appetizing.
  4. Drive Me NutsMeaning: To greatly frustrate someone. To drive someone crazy, insane, bonkers, or bananas.
  5. Talk the TalkMeaning: Supporting what you say, not just with words, but also through action or evidence.
  6. What Am I, Chopped Liver?Meaning: A rhetorical question used by a person who feels they are being given less consideration than someone else.
  7. Hands DownMeaning: Anything that’s easy or has no difficulty; something that is a certainty.
  8. On Cloud NineMeaning: Having strong feelings of happiness or satisfaction. 
  9. Everything But The Kitchen SinkMeaning: Including nearly everything possible.
  10. Keep Your Shirt OnMeaning: Keeping calm. Usually said by someone who is trying to avoid making others upset.

Love can make you


  1. Unlearn all you have learned intellectually, not remember the past, forget the present, and not think of the future.
  2. Renounce everything and everyone including your own self.

  3. Escape from all that is illusory and take refuse in Reality.

  4. Burn all your desires and longings and kindle the one and only desire and longing-union with the Divine Beloved.


My Toastmasters journey 2.5 months – very inspiring and rewarding !

Level 2 cert: 7th best speaker ribbon.jpgToastmasters Pathways Effective Coaching Level 2 Completion Certificate – Received from President Garden City Toastmasters club Mr. Askander Dtm
This was also a great day to receive my 7th Laurels Ribbon as Best Speaker which has made the journey inspiring, interesting, challenging, rewarding.
The journey becomes most motivating because of the Best Evaluators ( perhaps across India ) 2nd DTM of India Mr. Ramlal Siman Daniel Pacheco, International Speech Contest Winner and Guinness World of Records Winner DTM Kathiravan M Pethi at Legends TM Club, DTM M K Prasad and Division Director Prakash Tamhankar who have at different times Evaluated my speeches – given invaluable tips, Feedback/ Feedforward and words of advice to bring in improvements.
More than the Laurel Ribbons – this support and guidance is UNIQUE experience for me ( I am just 2.5 months old in TM). This is what keeps me motivated to continue on a Fast Track completion.
Thank you all and special thanks to my Mentor Askander Mirza.