Swear Words

Pea shoots! Storm chaser! Flaming hell! Snitching sneazel! Spells and curses! Gobbledygook! Freaking A! Merlin's beard! Jumping jacks! Soup fly!

Good and Bad

My take? Things average out.  Vice And Virtue Are Both Necessary  In the divine scales, vice and virtue are necessary experiences man goes through before attaining the supreme balance of Self-realization, which is beyond all opposites — good and bad. "Good" is like a clean mirror that reflects the image of God. When true knowledge … Continue reading Good and Bad

Statrtpreneus newsletter

My fav You story Stories you shouldn't miss Abhijit Bose, co-founder of merchant payments platform Ezetap, will take over as the head of WhatsApp India. Having co-founded Ezetap in 2011, he has more than 15 years of experience in building mobile software products and Ezetap was the third mobile product he launched in India. In his new role, … Continue reading Statrtpreneus newsletter

Courtesy : yourstotry.com

Remember the painfully long queues outside ATMs two years back? Things eventually got back to normal but we may be facing another ATM-related hurdle soon. A report by an industry body announced India might lose half of its ATMs by March next 2019, which means not only will we have to search for an ATM longer, but we may also … Continue reading Courtesy : yourstotry.com

Meet my Virtual Friend – Mr. Nelson Wong

Mr. Nelson Wong and I connected on Ecademy, around the year 2004.  We haven’t yet spoken to each other or virtually or physically shaken hands.  We still consider each other as respected friends whose views we like to read and understand.  Ecademy was a great platform where I learnt “ Connections first – Business Later” … Continue reading Meet my Virtual Friend – Mr. Nelson Wong