Servant leadership

i am the slave of those who really love Me.

I am closer to you than your breath.

I am your real companion, from the beginning and till the end.

I always do whatever is good for you.



[Copyright © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust Ahmednagar (M.S.) India]

3 thoughts on “Servant leadership

  1. This makes me smile. It’s like… I’m trying to do everything that everyone needs from me. But it’s nigh impossible. Because it’s not only my family and the people immediately in front of me I want to help, but the fucking.. whole world. They’re all right and wrong, and prideful and dumb. They just… I want to tell at everyone!!!! Because I’m just so… finite! There is sooo much to say and do and such little time to attend to it all.. to the proper care it requires to teach the lesson. Whatever lesson. The lessons that life shove in front of everyone every day. All the time.
    Ugh!!!!!!! Sorry. I’m just really riled up at the moment. Hah. Timing of stuff. Isn’t that funny? Sort of. It’s both funny and it’s not.


    1. The Quotes were from my Guru (from my 5 years of Age) Avatar Meher Baba. So it is natural that our understanding of his advice may differ. You may have different perception, opinion, perspective than mine. It does not matter. What matters is, by reading, it reached your unconscious – Semi-Conscious i.e. Delta and Theta brain as well as invoked reactions which are not the Reptilian or Mammalian or Lymbic brain but Neolimbic and Neo-Cortex frontal brain which is a very POSITIVE sign as I see it. Words do not matter. What is understood does. No need to feel or say sorry!!! Timing and METHOD both are important -aren’t they to reach your message deep inside the brain -where it should permanently reside and flourish. Amen! 🙂 Cheers. All the best. Regards. Jay


      1. Yes! The brain waves! The gamma to beta to alpha then theta and finally delta. The sublimation of the super and sub conscious. The consciousness of conscience.
        Thank you AGAIN! OMG! But it’s just frustrating and stuff because none of this is new, it’s already been taught and it’s obvious. It’s life it’s everywhere. And with a million “teachers” and “guides” it can be pretty messy trying to sort through it all. Because like the brain chemistry, everyone’s learning abilities and processes are different. But that doesn’t mean they should have to be discarded or disregarded. They just want to be heard and loved.


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