Random Phrases for 13th Nov. 2018. Creativity and Lateral thoughts.

Things Average Out – Almost daily ! 🙂

  1. My Cup of Tea Meaning: Someone or something that one finds to be agreeable or delightful.  My mentor once sadi, ask a stranger for a feedback or a solution to your top of mind problem and you are most likely to get it.  I used this today with a Film maker and sought his advice and what a wonderful discussion we had – educative, enlightening, inspiring and most helpful.  Acting or making films are not my profession. I did Censor films though 🙂 but being considered for a Cast and an interview by a Top director was not my cup of tea.   Advice just flowed and the expert filled many of my knowledge gaps.  Wonderful day today. 

  2. Quick and Dirty Meaning: Things that done with great speed, but as a result, they are not going to work very well. My MacPro is now old and become so slow that I am fed up. The new models have not arrived in India yet and the dealers are trying to push old models with hard sell.  I was looking for a iMac this time as I rarely step out with a laptop but most dealers do not have it in stock in a IT capital of India Bangalore. What a shame !  Are they discontinuing the iMac ? I wonder

  3. No Ifs, Ands, or Buts Meaning: Finishing a task without making any excuses. To go to a CSC or Family Pension Fund office has become a ritual every year for every Senior citizen.  It is sad.  Most CSC’s are not equipped or have slow networks and avoid this lowly paid activity.  I also face issues with my fingerprints 🙂 – the prints don’t match ! WOW 1  So they take the photo of the eyes at few locations where the queues are huge.  Do I have a choice – No!

  4. Quality Time Meaning: Spending time with another to strengthen the relationship. I am loving the Toastmasters.  I started going for their meetups in mid August, was terrified with the Table topics but started my Pathways journey and crossed Level 1. It is working well. I like the time spent. 

  5. Cut To The Chase Meaning: To get to the point, leaving out all the unnecessary details.  The count from a13th May, the Muse and the message, inspiration or negativity is getting buried today.  100k view is still sometime away but mind is at peace and there is no negativity, The heart is pure. Will keep at it by writing more posts and less sharing going forward on this blog. 

  6. Cup Of Joe Meaning: A cup of joe is an American nickname for a cup of coffee. The new mentee which I reluctantly took on board without even meeting is enthusiastic and experienced.  I receptive and when I pushed him to the wall – his response was fantastic.  I like him and may invite him for a cup of Joe 🙂

  7. Shot In the Dark Meaning: An attempt that has little chance for success.  Not attempting to do any such things. All well planned activities and limited Goals and it feels great to measure and keep my eyes on the finish line. 

  8. Plot Thickens: The Meaning: The latest developments have become made the situation very serious.  But I couldn’t care more. Decided not to take ownership or own others’ problems,  not get emotionally invested in any one and give advice only when asked. and keep arms length distance. 

  9. Beating a Dead Horse Meaning: It is unwise to bring up a past resolved issue.  Today is auspicious to close all such matters and resolved to do it. I have started some of my old favorite activities. Whistling, singing, listening to Retro songs and instrumental music and long walks! They are so refreshing. 

  10. Playing For Keeps Meaning: Said when things are about to get serious.  The coming months are promising. Some good opportunities like filming, Global speakership are coming on the horizon with little efforts.  Will attempt new strategies on the  blogs and make both very active.