“It couldn’t last. Everyone was just killing time. But if all they did was kill time, time would end up killing them.”
―Michael Grant

10 thoughts on “The time is NOW”

      1. The time is nigh my little friends to speak of wondrous things. Like in Alice and wonderland but Disney. The walrus and the oysters. Hehe. That’s what this whole thing reminds me of.

        1. ‘Little’ you said? For my life stage and age, the time left is too little and I live in here n Now. I see the Finish line clearly and I have just accelerated a bit and that’s my POV on the NOW!♥️🙏🙏🙏

          1. It’s literally a line from the song hahaha. The walrus or whoever singing to the oysters in the movie.
            But we’re not creature of the sea. Nor sky. We are from the land of man. And you see this just as I do. Knuckle down baby, let’s drive this tank. I have a tank. You can call me tank girl 🙂

            1. Sure Tank Girl 🙂 With my foot on the Accelerator I need all the Gas/ Fuel and the Pure Oxygen in my Breath to fill my Tanks and charge ahead. Thank you for the inspiring thoughts, right early in the morning here in Bengaluru, India 🙂 Great to have a backup Tank (extra pair of lungs) sharing great thoughts on WordPress platform. 🙂 Most appreciated. Thank you. Regards. Jay

              1. Woohoo!!!!!! Haha. It’s 12.12pm. It’s the weekend. Just getting ready for some family celebrations with a barbecue. I’m Australian. Or.. I’m first generation Australian. My husband is Aussie.
                Thanks for joining (or being part of lol) my metaphorical, metaphysical, CONVOY of thinkers driving their own tanks of thoughts, vehicles of communication.
                Thanks Jay. This is going to be such a blast!

                1. That’s wonderful! I retired from TNT (Transportation, courier, Logistics) which Originated from Australia ! The Founder was Ken Thomas (Thomas Nationwide Transportation). I do have great friends in Australia. And traditional rivalry with Cricketers 🙂 . Great to know and interact with you. Regards. Jay

                  1. Omg I know tnt my hubby is a mechanical engineer and because of his position and job and stuff, we get to experience perks and stuff by getting free tickets to sports matches and music concerts. It truly is a blessing.
                    But I didn’t know anything about Ken Thomas or whatever. Which is kind of funny. My birth initials are K.T. my middle name starts with a. So.. K.a.T. Lol

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