by jay

With apologies to Edgar Allan Poe.


2 thoughts on “Voice – A Poem by Jay”

  1. Oh my words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!++ all the exclamation points!!!! Hahaha omg that’s brilliant. I hope you see why I say we are divine, and that this further posits proof and provides evidence that can be exemplified. We are divine. We are gods, all of us, anyone of us, some all or none.
    Thank you Jay! I delight in your vocal expression and experience of feeling and testing your voice.

    1. Thank you. Sometimes, I turn into a bot, a poetic bot and disconnected, disjointed words flow, sometimes rhyming sometimes absolutely NOT! But I wade on! My friend and a renowned Podcaster and TV show producer told me to write and Read loudly before publishing. That tip helps me to Edit the editable and eat the edible word! 🙂 🙂 🙂 .
      I know as Speaker my two weaknesses are Vocal variety and Body language/ gestures and non-verbal. I am giving a Research topic lecture at Toastmasters tonight about them. This poem was to get my thoughts organised 🙂 ( like Organised Crime) …. Thanks again for kindly reading and commenting. Most appreciated. Regards. Jay

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