We breathe, we live.
Born in freedom, live in freedom, die in freedom.
Pride, honor, justice.
People of the land.
Conquerors of darkness.
God is with the people.
We will persevere.
Spirits guide us, spirits watch over us.
God, life, death.
Spirits guide us, spirits watch over us.


11 thoughts on “What is your Motto?”

    1. Ha ha ha! I take it that there is a typo when I t
      Read – ATM ..Motto is simply our deep desire to say clearly what we need and what we want. The lack of it is bundled in the motto and the will to achieve clearly depicted

        1. GR8! I would wait for the 18th Nov then. Wish you F!@#g success and let Goddess Lakshmi on this Diwali day bless you and fill your ATM ( no not with any time mentors like me but brainfogged CASH so that you are never strapped) Cheers. 🙂

          1. Thank you. I have seen myself as Kali in small knowledge I have read of the Hindu traditions. Shakti and Shiva. I guess. But Lakshmi is new to me! So thank you I will look her up. And I happily receive with open arms your blessings 🙂
            Atm- “at the moment”. It’s just internet jargon. Like lol, afk, brb, imo. But I do adore how fun acronyms are like acrobats and change shape and meaning depending on who is “seeing” and “reading”. 🙂

            1. Thank you. I am a mean meaning making machine – 3 Freaking M – 3M 🙂 so I interpreted, I perceived “atm” at ATM – Any Time Money machines planted by banks for convenience or” ATM” an acronym coined by me -“the Any Time Mentor” – misuse some mentees make of me as a Pro-Bono Mentor and realising this, I dump them :). Kali is a powerful Goddess I pray to. She almost ran over Lord Shiva in her fury and took out her tongue realising her mistake. Thanks for updating me on atm. I know lol, imo, imho, brb but still don’t know afk (will google it). Will wait to watch your blog on 18th and hopefully it will ring in your cash registers . I read your blog ( I use Occam’s Razor to filter out some term/ words and acronyms ) and then it makes a sense, it has substance, Tenor and Matter. Keep it up. Warm regards and Best wishes for Diwali – our Festival of LIghts in India. Jay

              1. I am a high school teacher. I’m trained in English text and writing, education, creativity, art history and cinema studies. I learn everything from my experiences. I just do and go and try and taste and whatever it is that I do wherever I am. I like to try everything at least once. My husband is a mechanical engineer! So I know some stuff about it. And this year I was contracted to teach industrial arts. So I just have learned to adapt to wherever I am and do whatever it is that I do. 🙂
                I choose words because of what they mean to me. And names and epitaphs I select very carefully. I didn’t know that about Kali.. shakti and Shiva I see as myself and my husband. In love. And complimentary opposites… divine in the material realm. So…. your words .. your religion has inspired me even more. Thank you. O my word. Thank you again. For sharing your wisdom! Thank you, Jay. You are a true friend.

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