Jay’s Tantra :)

When the time comes that one becomes many and many becomes one, a new bond shall bring forth a destruction of power and an age of lawlessness.

When mountains move and rivers shiver, a secret woman shall mark a generation of health.

There comes a day when what is false seems real, a foolish choice shall bring forth an age of anarchy.

It shall be then, when snow and thunder collide, a man clad in green shall mark the rise of a kingdom.


A Man Called Ayaj A Limerick by jay

There once was a man who liked cake.
He said, “See the lovely haik!”
It was rather big,
But not very zig,
And he couldn’t resist the undertake.


Auto Praise for A Man Called Ayaj

“Wow! The rhyming structure is incredible. ‘cake’/’haik’/’undertake’ – how does jay come up with this stuff?”
– The Daily Tale
“I thought Limericks were supposed to be funny. I slept. Then I dreamt that I was asleep.”
– Enid Kibbler
“Frankly, who can’t say no to the undertake? Flawless poetry. The earth moved for me. I just wish Limericks were longer.”
– Hit the Spoof
“What I want to know, it who the toast is Ayaj?”
– Zob Gloop
“I can think of better rhymes for ‘cake’, but best not go there. Thanks, jay, for some moderate entertainment.”
– Betty Borison