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Abdulla Hassan of Al Dhow Capital Tells Us Why India Is A Giant Opportunity
Inc42 caught up with Hassan to get insights into his future investment plans, but we ended up covering a wide range of topics related to the Indian startup ecosystem and to Hassan, who comes across as a very passionate proponent of the India story. This interview could well be an agenda for the manifesto for the future of the Indian startup ecosystem — hinterland India.
Vinod Murali, managing partner of Alteria Capital and one of the stalwarts of the Indian venture debt market, believes the venture debt market is in store for rapid growth. Murali earlier worked with InnoVen Capital where he oversaw saw the venture debt side of the business. Here are excerpts of this week’s Moneyball with Vinod Murali, managing partner of Alteria Capital.
DMI Finance has a corporate lending business for both real-estate and others. At the moment, DMI Finance has 38 live partners with discussions being on with 15 more. All the partnerships are heterogeneous in nature and 80% of DMI partners are developing solutions across student loans, consumption loans, healthcare loans, and more.
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The ecommerce startup was losing money and cash reserves were depleting fast. Many team members were barely coming to work as they had no clarity about whether or not they would have a job if a merger happened, and the company was unable to give them that clarity. Here is the reason behind it!
We recently hosted Girish on our 20th episode of Ask Me Anything (AMA), during which we asked him the backstory of what was it about Freshworks that spurred Tiger Global into making its “first SaaS investment.” Girish shared with us that given Partner of Tiger Global Lee Fixel’s way of doing business — he moves really fast and is known to be a real ‘Tiger’ when it comes to taking bets.