Idioms of the day

A Knife Is Only As Sharp As Its Wielder.

Like Trying To Smell With Your Eyes.

A Single Hole Can Men Disaster.

Like Rain On A Summer Morning.

An Impossible Flower.


ONe Random Act of cn

  1. complimented you for
  2. Save water – turn the tap off when brushing your teeth!
  3. Know someone going through something you’ve been through? Give them advice
  4. Smile at 3 people today
  5. Surroundings looking messy? Tidy up the area around you
  6. Give up your seat on the tube/bus
  7. Let someone know how much you appreciate them
  8. Compliment someone today!
  9. Make someone’s day – tell a friend why you appreciate them
  10. Tell a friend about ARK/World Kindness Day

Jay’s Tantra

You shall not unleash your angers onto others.
You shall not cause chaos or mayhem.
You shall take responsibility for your mistakes.
You shall not take my name in vain.
You shall not act upon your darkest desires, but instead cleanse them from your being.
You shall not do to others what you wouldn’t want done to you.
You shall offer your service to those in need.
You shall not question god or god’s word.
You shall believe in your abilities as you believe in god.
You shall not take life for granted.