Gracious God

Gracious God, ruler in the heavens, your humble servant calls to you. Guide my mind so I might make the right choice. I ask this of you in your divine presence, o giver of love. Support me with your gracious love.


For My Terrific Waterfall

A Love Poem by jay

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Force is terrific,
And so are you.

Orchids are white,
Ghost ones are rare,
A daughter is blonde,
And so is your hair.

Magnolia grows,
With buds like eggs,
Stories are short,
And so are your legs.

Sunflowers reach,
Up to the skies,
Your market is black,
And so are your eyes.

Foxgloves in hedges,
Surround the farms,
Globules are fat,
And so are your arms.

Daisies are pretty,
Daffies have style,
My run is winning,
And so is your smile.

A waterfall is beautiful,
Just like you.

Random acts of kindness – RAK movement – Do one today

  1. Leave a kind message anywhere (in a library book, on a computer etc.)
  2. Remember that family member you haven’t seen for a while? See how they are doing
  3. Bake for your neighbour
  4. Answer the phone in a cheerful voice – even if it is a sales person
  5. Be eco-friendly – unplug electronics when you’re finished using them
  6. Forgive someone who has wronged you
  7. Leave someone flowers anonymously
  8. Go out of your way to thank someone today!
  9. Help someone struggling with heavy bags
  10. Remember that friend you haven’t seen for ages? Give them a call


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to me

Henry Kissinger

“The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously.”

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Amelia Barr

“With renunciation life begins.”

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George Chapman

“They’re only truly great who are truly good.”

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Tennessee Williams

“To be free is to have achieved your life.”

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Christian Nestell Bovee

“When all else is lost, the future still remains.”

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Lucy Larcom

“If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it.”

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Never too late to Learn. Never too late to fill Knowledge Gaps

Knowledge – someone said to me Is – knowing what do you not know.  A Hypercurious person would go in the quest of what he / she does not know.  Learning never ends.  I went on a journey to bridge some of my knowledge gaps via Udemy Courses.  I am on my way to reach the 100th Certification soon.

What is gained so far is below :

1 Behavioural Econ Neuro UC-O6Y5BULC2 Brand story telling neuro UC-H220D8RA3. Marketing n manipulation UC-L7BU2IJ54. Public Speaking get booked UC-C50CULPW5 minute presentaiton UC-TDIUV3035. Neuroscience marketing UC-QREAHEG16. Startup Journey UC-7R74GJKG7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your Influence UC-EKA46LYP7. Branding startups online UC-R3KEMKDV7. Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your InfluenceUC-EKA46LYP8.Master PUblic Speaking UC-B8UDAY8W9.Powerful Speaking UC-EV6EW0A810. NLP Practitioner Certification Course (Beginner to Advanced) Online course UC-4JXQMFKR11. Storytelling for Public Speaking UC-HZKB8JX812. Power of Persuasion UC-G11CVUA713. 65 Actionable Branding Strategies UC-TVCGGHH414. Ask right earn moreUC-OXVQVTRB14.Ask right earn moreUC-OXVQVTRB15. Captivate Storytelling UC-5JQRZZG4 copy15. Captivate Storytelling UC-5JQRZZG416. Entrepreneur brain Hacks and HijacksUC-4NWK7KK817. Public speaking HacksUC-OXUN8HZ418. Ethical Hacking UC-A47M46F1 copy18. Ethical Hacking UC-A47M46F119. Public speaking and presentations pro UC-SD8PK2K420. Hypnotherapy - what is hypnosisUC-4AZJV69Z copy20. Hypnotherapy - what is hypnosisUC-4AZJV69Z21. Master 5 key elements of story UC-SQ2OXNK222. Precision communication - NLP meta model UC-O4O2Q2SF copy22. Precision communication - NLP meta model UC-O4O2Q2SF23.SEO beginners tutorial UC-RV6EZMT2 copy23.SEO beginners tutorial UC-RV6EZMT224.Startup to ScaleupUC-PZE2JH5Q copy24.Startup to ScaleupUC-PZE2JH5Q25. Startup Growth hackingUC-Q3FTXNJH26. TedX mASTER CLASS UC-0K2CU4R426.TedX mASTER CLASS UC-0K2CU4R4 copy26.Tedx Master Coach UC-0K2CU4R4 copy26.Tedx Master Coach UC-0K2CU4R427 How to write ultimate one page marketing planUC-OE6AT5L828. Speaking skills for life UC-8RXAUDGY30.How to validate business idea UC-6C3BQ1O031Entrepreneurship Idea to Launch32 Marketing commandments UC-CQK7S87433 Ninja writing 4 levels of writing masteryUC-6MXRCBRI34 one page strategic business plan UC-KQP35Y8935 Super success 101 UC-WQ489D4W36 Business hacks for entrepreneurs UC-OGRT06D737 Question your Realisty UC-5TPQESRM38 Analyze Market OpportunityUC-RJLK2V3038 Market OpportunityUC-I1SZKW8139 Keys to outrageous busines success UC-1RJKJWTM40 Analyze Market OpportunityUC-I1SZKW8141 Belive in Five on Belive tv UC-00JKBWXZ44 Don't Sell your business, Half RetireUC-I1SZKW8147 HRM Course UC-VPVHE21947 HRM UC-VPVHE21951 super success 101 UC-WQ489D4W52 Teaching Online UC-QIBITPL753 Ultimate 1 Page Strategic Business Plan UC-KQP35Y8954 Discover your Energy BodyUC-J0IAQ24B55. Don't Sell your business, Half RetireUC-I1SZKW8156. HRM UC-VPVHE21957 Meet your brain- a short introduction to neuroscience UC-OP5KWY8E58- Belive in Five on Belive tv UC-00JKBWXZ59. Public Speaking Success Impromptu UC-FVPYVIGT60. Ultimate 1 Page Strategic Business Plan UC-KQP35Y8961. super success 101 UC-WQ489D4W62. Effective Small Business MarketingUC-UKED698O67. Public Speaking Hacks UC-OXUN8HZ468. Meet your brain UC-OP5KWY8EAnimation University Beginner course UC-6QD9ZLPGBecome better n funnier at public speaking UC-VIKCNS11Business Strategy UC-QYRR11QNcalligraphy basic UC-N8TNWJK9Detox your entire lifeUC-9XKD5CU5Growth Hacker Interviews UC-EM0NINV7Intro to teaching online UC-QIBITPL7Leadership UC-AEKSPA2BMantra meditation UC-51WGG58Jmeet your brain UC-OP5KWY8EPositive Thinking UC-VZB583XHPunctuation Mastery UC-M4JWRFI0Secrets of body language UC-EY0UGNY3Self hypnosis and meditationUC-6F4NXX76singapore career moves aheadUC-M20T8FU9Slide1story telling basicsUC-585BM1QUSuper learner UC-0CTELG1BThink Mentor dp7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your InfluenceUC-EKA46LYPLeadership – The #1 Key to Guaranteed Business SuccessUC-AEKSPA2B1 Behavioural Econ Neuro Mktg.UC-O6Y5BULC2 Brand story teling neuro UC-H220D8RA3.Marketing n manipulation UC-L7BU2IJ54. Public speaking get bookedUC-C50CULPW5 min presentation UC-TDIUV3035. Neuroscience marketing. UC-QREAHEG16. Startup journey UC-7R74GJKG7.Branding startups online UC-R3KEMKDV8.Master Public Speaking UC-B8UDAY8W9. Powerful Speaking UC-EV6EW0A810. NLP Practitioner Certification Course (Beginner to Advanced) Online course UC-4JXQMFKR11. Storytelling for public speaking UC-HZKB8JX812. Power of Persuasion UC-G11CVUA713. 65 Actionable Branding Strategies UC-TVCGGHH414 Ask right earn more UC-OXVQVTRB19.Public speaking and presentations Pro. UC-SD8PK2K423. SEO BEGINNERS COURSEUC-RV6EZMT224 Startup to Scaleup UC-PZE2JH5Q25 Startup Growth Hacking UC-Q3FTXNJH26 Tedx Master CoachUC-0K2CU4R428. Speaking skills for life UC-8RXAUDGY29. How to write the ultimate 1 page marketing plan UC-OE6AT5L829.How to Write the Ultimate 1 Page Strategic Business Plan _ Udemy30.How to validate business idea UC-6C3BQ1O031 Entrepreneurship Idea Validation UC-4Q0QTZ7V31Entrepreneurship Idea to Launch UC-4Q0QTZ7V33 Ninja Writing Skills UC-6MXRCBRI34 one page strategic business plan UC-KQP35Y8935Super success 101 UC-WQ489D4W36 Business Hacks UC-OGRT06D737 Question your reality UC-5TPQESRM38 Analyze Market OpportunityUC-RJLK2V3038. Analyze Market Opportunity UC-RJLK2V3039 Keys to outrageous business success UC-1RJKJWTM40 Analyze Market Opportunity UC-RJLK2V3041 Belive in Five on Belive tv UC-00JKBWXZ42 Captivate Storytelling UC-5JQRZZG442, Captivate Storytelling UC-5JQRZZG443 Don’t Sell your business, Half Retire UC-I1SZKW8145 Entrepreneur brain Hack and HigjackUC-4NWK7KK845..Entrepreneur brain Hack and HigjackUC-4NWK7KK846 Ethical Hacking UC-A47M46F146. Ethical Hacking UC-A47M46F147 HRM Course UC-VPVHE21947 HRM UC-VPVHE21947 Hypnotherapy UC-4AZJV69Z47. Hypnotherapy UC-4AZJV69Z48 Master 5 key elements of storyUC-SQ2OXNK248. Master 5 key elements of storyUC-SQ2OXNK249 SEO BEGINNERS COURSEUC-RV6EZMT250 Speaking skills for life UC-8RXAUDGY52 Teaching online UC-QIBITPL752 Teaching Online UC-QIBITPL7.pdf53 Ultimate 1 Page Strategic Business Plan UC-KQP35Y8953. Ultimate 1 Page Strategic Business Plan UC-KQP35Y8954 Vision Core Values UC-HKTGEX0355. Don’t Sell your business, Half Retire UC-I1SZKW8156. HRM UC-VPVHE21958. Belive in Five on Belive tv UC-00JKBWXZ62. Effective Small Business MarketingUC-UKED698O63, Meet your BrainUC-OP5KWY8E64,Discover-your-Energy-Body (1)64. Discover-your-Energy-Body65. Increase your Influence UC-EKA46LYP66. Creating a powerful vison for your business UC-HKTGEX0367.. Public Speaking Hacks UC-OXUN8HZ4Become better and funnier speakerUC-VIKCNS11Discover your Energy BodyUC-J0IAQ24B (1)Discover-your-Energy-BodyGrowth Hacker Interviews UC-EM0NINV7Intro to Teaching Online UC-QIBITPL7Leadership UC-AEKSPA2B (1)Meet your Brain UC-OP5KWY8EPositive Thinking UC-VZB583XHSecrets of body language UC-EY0UGNY3self hypnosisUC-6F4NXX76singapore career moves aheadUC-M20T8FU9Super learnerUC-0CTELG1BUC-6QD9ZLPGUC-9XKD5CU5UC-51WGG58JUC-AEKSPA2B (1)UC-AEKSPA2BUC-EKA46LYPUC-EM0NINV7UC-EY0UGNY3UC-FVPYVIGT (1)UC-FVPYVIGTUC-J0IAQ24B (1)UC-J0IAQ24BUC-M4JWRFI0UC-N8TNWJK9UC-OP5KWY8E copyUC-OP5KWY8EUC-OXUN8HZ4UC-QIBITPL7UC-QYRR11QNUC-VZB583XH