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What is kalsarikänni? The Finnish art of being “pantsdrunk”
Drinking home alone in your underwear just might be what you need to be as relaxed as the Finnish.
Mike Colagrossi 15 October, 2018
Päntsdrunk is the latest trend to come out of Scandinavia and it involves drinking alone at home.
Finnish writer Miska Rantanen outlines the philosophy in his newest book titled: Pantsdrunk: Kalsarikanni: The Finnish Path to Relaxation.
Kalsarikänni is a word in Finnish that literally means “drinking at home and alone in your underwear.”
It seems like you can always count on the Scandinavians for coming up with the most novel of lifestyle trends. Päntsdrunk is the anglicized term for the Finnish word Kalsarikänn, it’s a philosophy and way of life that the Finns swear by. The concept is something most young adults can get behind, no matter where they are in the world.

Päntsdrunk consists mostly of being alone, drinking alcohol and doing whatever you please in the comfort of your home. That might mean binging on Netflix, staring mindlessly at the wall or your phone or just getting some well-needed rest and recuperation.

It’s no surprise the Finns have come up with something like this. After all, they are also one of the most relaxed nations with the least stressful educational systems.

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Commandments – Replace You with I or We

You shall not act upon your darkest desires, but instead cleanse them from your being.
You shall not forge the word of god.
You shall remain committed to god and god’s world.
You shall strife for a life in harmony with all.
You shall look only to god for what may come in the future.
You shall not indulge in gluttony.
You shall seek inner peace to become closer with god.
You shall not conceal or destroy evidence of a crime.
You shall be truthful.
You shall not take or use a life as if it belongs to you.