Beware of Snakes — Desires.

Eruch Jessawala was asked this question: ‘Just before Meher Baba commenced His silence He told His close ones to “Beware of snakes, always carry a lamp with you”.’ What does this mean?’

Eruch replied, figuratively He said these things, it is all symbolic. Snakes mean our desires — things that imperceptibly enter into us and poison us. Carry a lamp with you all the time — that is the lamp of His love, His remembrance, His name — so that desires won’t harm you. Baba said, ‘If you don’t have a lamp, and they bite you then I am helpless — you fall — you succumb. So always carry the lamp of My love, My name, My remembrance, so that it will throw light upon the situation, and you will know it to be what it is.’ Beware of it.

Worse than the rattle snakes and the cobras are those snakes we harbour within ourselves. The abundance of our desires — however, we feel as if nothing is there. Yet all the time we are imbibing the poison from them. So we must beware of them. If instead of submitting to our desires, we think of Him, remember Him, repeat His name… ‘do only those actions that you would not hesitate to do in My presence’… then we rise above our desires in remembrance of Him. They become weaker and our love for Him becomes stronger.

Practical Spirituality With Meher Baba, p 194-95 ( e-book)

By John A Grant

Copyright C 1985, John A. Grant.

Meher Baba Sketch By Claire Mataira 

Photo Courtesy of David and Glenda Hobson