RAK Movement – Random Acts of kindness for the day

Be proactive – sign a petition for a good cause Help someone improve, give them constructive feedback We rarely listen to others - ask someone about their day Feed a stray animal if you spot one Someone looking lost? Help them with directions Support a small, local business as a customer House chores can be … Continue reading RAK Movement – Random Acts of kindness for the day

Interesting Prophecies – Jay’s Tantra

When the day comes that the last one dies, a suspicious death shall mark the return of dragons and a time of war. There comes a day when the red lady reveals her true self, a contract shall bring forth an era of love and a generation of health. Upon the day the sister becomes … Continue reading Interesting Prophecies – Jay’s Tantra

Weekly Commandments

You shall not create idols. You shall offer a meal to hungry strangers. You shall give testimony of crimes you witnessed, unless the crimes were committed by your children. You shall love your neighbor. You shall abide by promises you make. You shall accept life as god intended it to be. You shall treat strangers … Continue reading Weekly Commandments

The Trainer and the Hypnotist

Rhyming Couplet Ideas by jay See the hopping of the Trainer, I think he's angry at the complainer. He finds it hard to see the pig, Overshadowed by the weird golden fig. Who is that prowling near the snake? I think she'd like to eat the stomach ache. She is but a hungry comedian, Admired … Continue reading The Trainer and the Hypnotist

Startpreneur’s fav newsletter.

Morning Briefing (9 Min Reading Time) Top news & stories of the startup ecosystem from India & around the world Latest From The Indian Startup Ecosystem PhonePe Introduces Micro-Apps For OYO, Abhibus & Myntra Digital payment platform PhonePe has introduced micro-apps for hospitality company chain OYO, bus ticketing platform Abhibus, and Flipkart group company Myntra. The move … Continue reading Startpreneur’s fav newsletter.

Pass to yourself day

Did you know... ... that today is Pass to Yourself Day? In 1997, Minnesota Viking quarterback Brad Johnson passed the ball, had it batted back, caught it, and ran the ball into the end zone, thus becoming the first NFL quarterback to pass to himself for a touchdown. You definitely won't see a play like … Continue reading Pass to yourself day

Never Tell People What You Do – The Mission – Medium

Never Tell People What You Do zinetv/Flickr It’s a simple question, and you’ve probably answered it hundreds of times. “What do you do?” If you’re like most people, you probably get the answer dead wrong. Your standard reply is probably a factual description of your current job. The right answer is: what you WANT to do. … Continue reading Never Tell People What You Do – The Mission – Medium

Meteorite used as doorstop worth $100,000

Meteorite used as doorstop for decades worth $100,000 It had a role in that old farmhouse... BRANDON A. WEBER 05 October, 2018 It landed on a farm near Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1930, and is estimated to be 4 billion years old When the house was sold, it was included in the sale by the … Continue reading Meteorite used as doorstop worth $100,000