The Perfect Master 

” He who has eyes but does not see,

He who has ears but does not hear,

He who has a tongue but does not speak,

He can see Me as I should be seen

And can know Me as I should be known.

This does not mean that you should become inactive. On the contrary it means that you should be constantly alert towards the expressive Beauty of the All-pervading Beloved. On this Hafiz has said,

If you want your Beloved to be present,

Do not absent yourself for one moment from His Presence.

The Perfect Master is in everything, and is the Centre of everything. Every one and every thing is therefore equidistant from Him. Though, owing to our own limitations, He appears outwardly to be present at only one place at a time, He is on every plane of consciousness at one and the same time. To see Him as He is, is to see God.

So beware lest when the divine Beloved knocks at the door of your heart He finds you absent. ” 

— Meher Baba