Reductio ad absurdum (Latin: “reduction to absurdity”).

Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.”

— Maya Angelou

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How TA Feels
How TA Performs
Satisfied with current state of Talent Acquisition Technology
Don’t leverage technology enabled assessments in their process
Satisfied with their Employer Branding initiatives
Don’t measure RoI or effectiveness of branding initiatives
Satisfied with the Quality of their Candidate Experience
Don’t capture candidate feedback on the process
Don’t conduct structured interviews to check culture-fit
Satisfied with effectiveness of their interviews
Overcome these gaps with Aon’s new-age course on Talent Acquisition. Certified Talent Acquisition Readyenables you to build a strong employer brand, design a superior candidate experience and scientifically assess applicants especially through social media channels.




Free verse by jay

I cannot help but stop and look at the piled fallen.
Never forget the concentrated and heaped-up fallen.

How happy is the wrist absent!
Does the absent make you shiver?
does it?

One afternoon I said to myself,
“Why isn’t the lack more little?”
Now oversize is just the thing,
To get me wondering if the lack is large.

When I think of the failing, I see horses fibers.
Are you upset by how guileful it is?
Does it tear you apart to see the failing so attractive?

You’ve got to go out.

I am wondering whether there was internet in 1943..  I am a babyboomer and I learnt the word in late 80’s.

“We’re not showing up. We’re sitting around doing our work on the internet … You’ve got to meet people. You’ve got to go out.”

Bob Woodward | 1943 – | American journalist

ElaM’s Torment – The Villanelle Of The Fire

A Villanelle by jay

ElaM couldn’t stop thinking about the Fire
It was just so lazy and steamy
But he could never forget the flyer

That morning, ElaM was shocked by the tire
He had to calm himself with mimi
ElaM couldn’t stop thinking about the Fire

Later, he realised that the Fire was dire
He thought the situation had become rather creamy
But he could never forget the flyer

ElameF tried to distract him with a desire
Said it was time to start thinking about a hajime
ElaM couldn’t stop thinking about the Fire

ElaM took action like an attire
The Fire was becoming too beamy
But he could never forget the flyer

ElaM nosedived like an astute satire
His mind became dangerously seamy
ElaM couldn’t stop thinking about the Fire
But he could never forget the flyer



Auto Praise for ElaM’s Torment

“With their strict rhyming structure, villanelles are hard, but the way jay plucks ‘mimi’, ‘creamy’, ‘hajime’, ‘beamy’, ‘seamy’, out of the English language is simply sublime.”
– The Daily Tale
“I just don’t feel ElaM’s love for the Fire.”
– Enid Kibbler
“The verse about ElameF gave me chills!”
– Zob Gloop


 🙂 🙂

jay’s Torment – The Villanelle Of The Facilitate

A Villanelle by jay

jay couldn’t stop thinking about the Facilitate
It was just so gentle and outgoing
Never had he known anything so appropriate

That morning, jay encountered a Facilitate so great
He found himself feeling rather glowing
jay couldn’t stop thinking about the Facilitate

Later, he realised that the Facilitate was articulate
He tried to focus on a boing
Never had he known anything so appropriate

Sam tried to distract him with a weight
Said his mind had become too seagoing
jay couldn’t stop thinking about the Facilitate

jay took action like an advocate
The Facilitate was becoming too easygoing
Never had he known anything so appropriate

jay nosedived like a gentle plate
His mind became dangerously foregoing
jay couldn’t stop thinking about the Facilitate
Never had he known anything so appropriate

Censored Dark Poetry

Raised by her father
Role model of a girlfriend

Alone in the world with cupid

Dream of a genie
Charity work with a goblin

Audition of a pessimist

Right choice of her father

Exploring ancient ruins with the grandfather

Imprisonment of the grandmother

Pranking a writer !

My fav newsletter : Kindness Spring

We feel the “warm glow” of kind acts regardless of whether it is strategic (something to be gained as a consequence) or altruistic (nothing to be gained personally). In the study below, psychologists have found there is something even more unique about altruistic kindness and our intentions behind altruistic giving. They conclude that altruistic giving should not be minimized by “tokens”. – Ameeta
A teen’s sweet offer to buy a stressed out mother a coffee led to a surprising impact in both women’s lives: a resultant thank you note from the mother led to a new beautiful connection.
She left some home-made hand salve for her mail carrier in the mailbox; her kind gesture started an energy ripple of giving in Mississippi.


The earthquake in the Indonesian city of Palu created massive devastation – but alongside the misery are stories of bravery and altruism too.
Psychologists show that the warm glow of kindness is real; even when there’s nothing in it for you.

12 habits you don’t realize are losing you respect at work | Ladders

via 12 habits you don’t realize are losing you respect at work | Ladders

12 habits you don’t realize are losing you respect at work

Here are 12 are bad habits that I’ve experienced with a number of employees over the years. In some cases, these behaviors cost them their job.

Let’s face it: we all have bad workplace habits. In some cases, we may not even be aware that we’re annoying our coworkers. However, it’s worth the effort to keep yourself in check. After all, everyone shares the same (sometimes cramped) office and stressful work, and the actions of one can affect the entire culture. And I’m not just talking about gum-popping or colleagues who never wash their own dishes.

Here are 12 are bad habits that I’ve experienced with a number of employees over the years. In some cases, these behaviors cost them their job. The first step to solving these habits is realizing you have them, so read on.

1. Complaining.

If there’s one thing that plummets your reputation quickly, it’s complaining. We all have more work than we can do, we’ve all been working late, and no, the project may not be “part of your job” but I don’t care. Be solution-oriented, roll up your sleeves, and contribute meaningfully to the workplace.

2. Lack of punctuality.

The occasional terrible commute or an alarm that didn’t go off is a legitimate reason for being late. What’s not ok is consistently rolling in 15 to 30 minutes after everyone else has started a productive day. The same goes for meetings. Be on time. It’s that simple.

3. Skipping out early.

The end of the day is no different than the start. Chances are, your boss is paying you for an eight-hour day and expects you to be present.

4. Not owning up.

Listen, we’re all doing the best we can, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to make mistakes at some point or another. Just don’t play the blame game. Worse, don’t try to hide the mistake, thinking your boss won’t find out. The best way to handle this situation is to be direct and apologetic, and to bring a solution that will help prevent it from happening again.

5. Not asking questions.

Whether you’re unsure what’s being asked of you on a specific project, or don’t know how to use a certain piece of equipment, speak up. That old saying, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question” is true. Seek clarity to avoid wasted time and disappointing results.

6. Not accepting assistance.

Hoarding work or refusing to let go of something sends the message that you’re not a team player. What’s important is that the work gets done, and if people are offering to assist, it’s probably because you look like you need it.

7. Conducting personal business at work.

While the occasional personal appointment or call is perfectly fine, trawling through Instagram or shopping on Amazon is akin to stealing. Because, as noted in points 2 and 3, your company expects you in the office and working. Don’t be in the office doing your own unnecessary online shopping.

8. Lack of enthusiasm.

Everyone has days where they feel less than motivated. But if you are consistently sullen and withdrawn, it will show in your work product and in how others perceive you. As hard as it might be sometimes, try proactively looking for something you can get excited about. Your boss will appreciate your eagerness to take on new things.

9. Badmouthing the company, a coworker or your boss.

Just don’t. It will always come back around. That doesn’t mean you have to like everyone, but you do need to get along with them.

10. Lack of follow-through.

If you promise to meet a deadline, keep it. If for some reason you need an extension, let people know in advance rather than after the fact.

11. Having a potty mouth.

In some businesses, cursing is severely frowned upon. For most, though, the occasional “bad word” is acceptable. However, if your stories and observations are sprinkled with four-letterwords, it sends the message that you are not only an unprofessional communicator, but that you aren’t self-aware enough to know that kind of language may be offensive to your colleagues. Get out the dictionary and find new ways to express yourself.

12. Lack of focus.

Most of us are accustomed to multi-tasking. But if you’re checking your phone or working on something else during a meeting, it’s not only rude, it shows your colleagues you don’t care.

A version of this post previously appeared on Fairygodboss, the largest career community that helps women get the inside scoop on pay, corporate culture, benefits, and work flexibility. Founded in 2015, Fairygodboss offers company ratings, job listings, discussion boards, and career advice.

Replace YOU with I Or We – Commandments for us

You shall strive to cause no harm to any life, including yourself.
You shall not act with hatred in your heart.
You shall not unleash your angers onto others.
You shall be considerate of others well being.
You shall not take any life.
You shall encourage others to join you in following the words of god.
You shall be considerate of others feelings.
You shall be brave in the face of danger.
You shall not give into pride.
You shall seek knowledge, for knowledge brings you closer to god.

Good Happy Morning 🌻🌷🌺🌹

Everyone is unique। each one has unique strengths. It comes easy to find magnified reflection of our own weaknesses in others. Not many are good at being able to see strengths in others . It requires mindset, training and mentor direction to develop that ability to see strengths in others . Once we have it it is a great strength we acquire. We can only capitalise strengths. I aspire to develop this ability. Good morning

RAK Movement – Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Buy someone a coffee
  2. Put your phone down and have a conversation with a friend
  3. Start the day right – make breakfast for everyone
  4. We rarely listen to others – ask someone about their day
  5. Who will be making dinner for your family today? Tag, you’re it!
  6. Visit a friend who’s sick
  7. Make a conscious effort to recycle
  8. Save water – take a shorter shower today
  9. See someone struggling with lots of bags? Offer to help them
  10. Wardrobe overflowing? Donate clothes to a charity

Nothing in life is hard. Hard is meaningless. – The Startup – Medium

via Nothing in life is hard. Hard is meaningless. – The Startup – Medium

I loved to do this in my childhood a lot. As I gained weight, fear gripped me as I had put on a lot of weight and most of all – I was even afraid to Practice.  The fact is Nothing is hard in life, Hard has no meaning. 

(Italics above are mine)

Nothing in life is hard; Hard is meaningless.jpeg

Motivational Speech – Anchors

Be bold.
It’s on.
It’s your choice.
For champions.
Experience is key.
Thinking solutions.
To the extreme.
Bring it on.
Endless possibilities.
Just enjoy.

Lighting the Way to Industry 4.0 | Longitudes

via Lighting the Way to Industry 4.0 | Longitudes

  • October 3, 2018

Lighting the Way to Industry 4.0

Companies embracing new technologies and business models need beacons to show the path.

With all the talk of rapid advancements in digital technology, it’s important to remember that while this issue of Longitudes may have been delivered digitally, it’s consumed from a physical device.

Pullquote share icon.ShareThe digital and physical worlds are colliding in a phenomenon known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Our lives are built around physical items that start with the sourcing of physical materials manufactured, assembled, stored and shipped to a home or store, eventually becoming the laptop, smartphone or monitor you’re reading on right now.

While this may sound straightforward, what’s happening under the surface to bring your laptop or literally any other product to your door is undergoing a massive transformation that will forever change companies, industries and countries.

When industrial and digital worlds collide

The digital and physical worlds are colliding in a phenomenon known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Previous industrial revolutions brought the power of water and steam to mechanize production, electricity and the assembly line to create mass production and information technology to automate production.

The internet and a range of new technological breakthroughs in fields such as robotics, artificial intelligence, sensor-based networks, biotechnology, material science, quantum computing and 3D printing fuel this new revolution.

These innovations are fundamentally altering how physical products are manufactured and delivered and in their wake, we’ll see the modern-day buggy whip, kerosene and VHS tape.

While 4IR is expected to create up to $3.7 trillion in value to global manufacturing, progress has been predictably slow as businesses try to put their arms around the new technologies and business models. They need beacons to light the way to 4IR.

To this end, the World Economic Forum, in collaboration with McKinsey, set out to find the beacons of the new industrial revolution, which they termed “4IR Production Lighthouses.”

The idea is to replicate the success of the Toyota Production System during the Third industrial Revolution. Companies would travel to Japan to learn about the system and then implement those leading-edge practices at home.

To find these 4IR Lighthouses the WEF surveyed more than 1,000 manufacturing sites with a successful record of implementing 4IR technologies. An expert panel then embarked on an exhaustive analysis to determine the top nine 4IR manufacturing sites in the world, which could serve as leaders of the new industrial revolution.

The winners announced last month were almost exclusively found in Europe and Asia, including Bayer, Bosch Automotive, Haier, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble and Schneider Electric.

The lone 4IR Lighthouse in the U.S. was an unlikely pairing: A startup additive manufacturing company with a 111-year-old logistics company – Fast Radius and UPS.

Industry 4.0

Additive manufacturing is a fast-growing Industry 4.0 technology that involves building parts and products by adding layer upon layer of material.  While this may seem unrelated to the business of UPS, it’s actually a logistics solution. It is the fourth modality of logistics – air, ocean, ground and now digital.

Parts and products are increasingly transported digitally for on-demand production closer to the point of use, radically transforming supply chains and enabling new business models such as virtual inventory, mass customization and more.

Fast Radius is bringing new applications to life, including virtual warehouse solutions for industrial and aerospace parts, previously “unmakeable” components for athletic equipment OEMs, new flow-mixing components for global industrial clients and more.

By integrating this new production capability with the UPS global logistics network, Fast Radius and UPS have created a business model that blurs the line between those who make things and those who move things.

The World Economic Forum recognizes this business model as a global leader. As always, with recognition comes responsibility.

We now have the privilege and honor of lighting the way for other companies navigating the choppy and uncertain seas between the industrial economy and the digital economy.

Degree of Honesty? Isn’t it Binary?

On the spiritual path one must have 100% honesty. The slightest tinge of hypocrisy leads one away from God.

It is better to be unbeliever (atheist, agnostic) than to be a hypocrite or false saint.

And it is better to deny God than to defy Him! To be honest, atheist is no fraud.


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