Questions to the Master

Question: Sometimes a person feels like asking many questions  to the Master. What does this indicate about his spiritual  preparation?

Answer: There are three stages of the disciple in Sufism. In the  first stage the Master draws the disciple to himself. This is the  stone stage. The disciple is enwrapped in deep ignorance and  has no sense for spiritual values. He can not know the Master  at this stone stage, and the initiative is entirely with the Master.

The second stage is called worm stage. Just as the worm is 

engaged in all kinds of movements and actions, so the mind 

of the disciple is active in all kinds of doubts and questions. 

At  this stage the disciple asks many questions to the Master. 

There is constant movement of thought at this worm stage.

The third stage is called the dog state. At this stage the mind 

has no questions to ask. It is in a faith state. Just as the dog 

follows the Master without challenge or doubt, the disciple has  unswerving faith in the Master, and follows his instructions  unfailingly.

At this stage asking comes to an end. When spiritual progress  has not yet begun as well as when it is at its height, there is no asking to the Master.

MEHER BABA JOURNAL, Vol. 1, No. 8, June 1939, p. 62

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