This is not political write-up,
Country First.


I do not know if the people of India understand the significance of these two news, which came today –

Few days ago, US had warned India not to go forward with S400 air defence system deal with Russia, and had threatened a sanction. India went ahead with the deal. Today, US government issued a statement that it has no problem with the deal if it helps their allies (India here) to strengthen their defense capabilities.
US has put a strong sanction against Iran, which starts next month. This means countries will not be able to trade with Iran, and doing so, they risk a sanction on themselves. Today, Petroleum Ministry issued a statement that India will continue the oil trade with Iran despite US sanctions.
I am not going to get into unnecessary terms like 56 inch here, but would definitely like to reiterate that this is not an old India. This is a new India, for whom its own interests matter the most. We have a powerful government who is not afraid to take any decision under international pressure when it comes to national interest. Be it using diplomacy, persuasion or power, we will go ahead with our interests.
This is a new country, which is asserting its growing influence!! If you cannot see this.

God bless you..