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Did you know...  ... that today is Leave It to Beaver's Birthday? In 1957, the TV comedy Leave It to Beaver premiered on CBS. The first toilet "tank" ever shown on a TV show was on Leave It to Beaver. In 1957 the networks were squeamish enough about displaying a bathroom on television, let alone … Continue reading did you know 

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Ideas That Work October 4, 2018 Share:     The Blitzscaling Basics In their new book, Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh explain why it often makes sense to prioritize growth over efficiency. by Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh Women in Leadership Nov. 13–15, 2018 June 18–20, 2019 Designed to help elevate the impact of women leaders, this … Continue reading Strategy+ Business Newsletter I subscribe to

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Morning Briefing (9 Min Reading Time) Top news & stories of the startup ecosystem from India & around the world Latest From The Indian Startup Ecosystem Alteria Capital Announces Second Close Of $800 Mn Fund, Bets $1 Mn On Vogo To encash on the growing opportunity, venture debt firm Alteria Capital has announced the second close of … Continue reading Startpreneur Newsletter My fav

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NEWS, VIEWS & INSIGHTS CURRENT Chanda Kochhar quits ICICI Bank with immediate effect Chanda Kochhar has quit ICICI Bank with immediate effect. The bank has appointed Sandeep Bakshi as the new Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer to replace her. Read more Google ad chief Ramaswamy exits; search veteran Prabhakar Raghavan replaces him Prabhakar Raghavan, head … Continue reading People Matters Newsletter I subscribe

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Monday Wrap | 1st October Like your coffee green and not black? Dr Bubbles puts a fun twist on the hot, new thing in town Cappuccino, latte, filter or Americano? What if you could have your cuppa joe green? Mumbai-based Dr Bubbles offers unroasted, non-processed green coffee, which cuts the caffeine and ups the health … Continue reading Startpreneurs – Your Story Newsletter

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If a man curses your father and you curse his mother, what is the difference between you and him?  They teach you the lesson of being calm, patient and forbearing in every adverse circumstances in midst of all provocation.  They thereby render you the greatest service, so forbear, forgive and forget. -------AVATAR MEHER BABA [From- … Continue reading Cursing n swearing

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