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Daily Capsule | 2nd October

Need a loan against a trade invoice? Pune-based Vayana Network can ease the bottlenecks

That payment cycles for businesses in India do not work like clockwork is a well-known fact. What is also known is that delays in receiving payments hit all businesses, and small and medium enterprises are often the worst affected. This is where Pune-based Vayana Network comes in. Vayana VPL was founded in 2009, and its arm Vayana Network helps small organisations manage and get their documentation in order and apply for short-term loans.

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The sky is the limit with new policy, but will drone-based startups take off?

Be it agriculture and surveying or surveillance and traffic monitoring, drone tech is here to stay. Industry experts are hopeful that the drone policy will help startups scale and make money. Once the preserve of the military, drones are now widely used in civilian roles such as surveillance, traffic monitoring, search and rescue, firefighting, weather monitoring, agriculture, and videography.

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With 20K books on its shelves, this Delhi-based NGO is inculcating the reading habit in govt schools

The ‘Books for All’ initiative by Guzarish, a Delhi-based NGO, is a crowdsourcing platform that allows one to donate and buy books. It’s mostly aimed at children in government schools. It is a crowdsourcing platform that allows you to donate and buy books, both used and unused. Started in 2015, the NGO intends to address the need for books beyond the curriculum to children who come from low-income families.

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Will the new TCS norms spell tax confusion for online sellers?

The Ministry of Finance recently announced that ecommerce companies will have to deduct one percent tax while making payments to their sellers, effective today. The decision to roll out tax collected at source (TCS) saw ecommerce marketplaces and small sellers express their unhappiness with a move that they felt would encourage offline selling.

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What’s plaguing the HR startup universe?

In the startup ecosystem, HR has often been at the bottom of the pyramid, usually overlooked and majorly outsourced. Although the “recruiting” arm of HR has got its fair share of limelight and the first one to go online, the remainder of the HR functions often falls to the wayside.

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Facebook India Startup Day Awards

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