Jay’s Tantra :)

When the time comes that one becomes many and many becomes one, a new bond shall bring forth a destruction of power and an age of lawlessness.

When mountains move and rivers shiver, a secret woman shall mark a generation of health.

There comes a day when what is false seems real, a foolish choice shall bring forth an age of anarchy.

It shall be then, when snow and thunder collide, a man clad in green shall mark the rise of a kingdom.

A Man Called Ayaj A Limerick by jay

There once was a man who liked cake.
He said, “See the lovely haik!”
It was rather big,
But not very zig,
And he couldn’t resist the undertake.


Auto Praise for A Man Called Ayaj

“Wow! The rhyming structure is incredible. ‘cake’/’haik’/’undertake’ – how does jay come up with this stuff?”
– The Daily Tale
“I thought Limericks were supposed to be funny. I slept. Then I dreamt that I was asleep.”
– Enid Kibbler
“Frankly, who can’t say no to the undertake? Flawless poetry. The earth moved for me. I just wish Limericks were longer.”
– Hit the Spoof
“What I want to know, it who the toast is Ayaj?”
– Zob Gloop
“I can think of better rhymes for ‘cake’, but best not go there. Thanks, jay, for some moderate entertainment.”
– Betty Borison

Wisdom Quotes

Don’t spend your life looking for who you are, instead spend time to create who you want to be.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. (George Bernard Shaw)

It is impossible to reach perfection, but if we try hard enough we can at least reach excellence.
Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. (Vince Lombardi)

Prayer – I craved for Wealth

Divine God,

glory be to you,

I have a confession to make for I have sinned.

Have mercy on me,

I craved wealth and let greed get the better of me.

Grant me your forgiveness,

grant me another chance.

Pass your judgment so I may strengthen my soul to ward of evil anew.

Footpath- my Foot! :) Poem by Jay


Free verse by jay

The paving material that’s really holed,
Above all others are the polished pavement.
Porous, permanent, polished pavement.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the polished pavement,
Gently they go – the pickled, the muddled, the fixed.

How happy is the clean, dark driveway!
Now cleanable is just the thing,
To get me wondering if the dark driveway is pristine.

When I think of seventh street, I see a bumpy.
Why are they so wooly?

Opioids: Things your doctor should tell you before prescribing

via Opioids: Things your doctor should tell you before prescribing



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I work with the creative team at DrugAbuse.com, and I’d like to discuss your post at this link: https://parkhe.com/2018/10/31/opioids-things-your-doctor-should-tell-you-before-prescribing/ from BigThink.com. Would you mind attributing us by linking to us at DrugAbuse.com and to the original study here: https://drugabuse.com/featured/pain-killer-protocol/ ? We’ve asked the same of Robby Berman at Bigthink.com and she was only too happy to oblige.

We’re asking this because we believe your readers could benefit from knowing and seeing the source of the information and statistics that are published on your site.

Lisa Walker

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The 2 types of knowledge (and the application of it) %%sep%% Ladders

Cognitive neuroscience has a theory of mind (called predictive processing) that suggests that the human brain is a prediction engine, which consistently creates our perception of the world based on our past interactions within similar environments.

In the beginning, when you are young, there isn’t much information to go off of, so you get mostly unconstrained inputs from the external world into your brain, but as you get older, you start to filter through this variety for usefulness, making better distinctions.

You create mental concepts in your mind about what is important and what is not, and then these concepts shape your future perceptions by using the already-selected knowledge to further select knowledge.

This entire process is mostly intuitive, and what keeps it updating is pain/pleasure, which tells your body that a certain perception and your corresponding reaction should either be reinforced or not. But some forms of experience on the pain/pleasure axis like surprise and awe can be used to intentionally tell your mind that something unexpected was experienced, too, encouraging you to consciously readjust the conceptual model.

Whether you are learning to play a sport or simply trying to create a more accurate mental model of reality in your mind, you are working with a variety of experiences, and within those experiences, you have to choose and reinforce the ones that are the most useful to you.

In this way, everything that you do is essentially an experiment that gets refined and corrected with experience and practice.

The difference between you and, say, a professional tennis player is almost certainly that they have a genome that makes them more suitable to play their sport, but more importantly, they have intuitive knowledge embedded in their brain from all of the predictive processing they have done, in a very specific environment, to refine their sense for what works and what doesn’t.

The same can be said for great artists and scientists, entrepreneurs and investors, and other everyday folks who do what they do well.

Our brain is a prediction engine that builds knowledge and gets smarter as it better aligns what it needs to do with the demands of the environment.

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Farmer agitation in Karnataka 


farmer agitation

Daily update  October 31, 2018

Farmers demand complete waiver of all farm loans

The Hindu (press release)

The agitation would be intensified if the State government failed to take immediate steps to fulfil their demands. The agitation was led by farmer …

Random Phrases Generated for the Day and the Past week’s Progress

  1. There’s No I in Team Meaning: To not work alone, but rather, together with others in order to achieve a certain goal.  I work alone.  Even the mentor is bit dissatisfied. I delayed the project. Reason: slow computer.  Clean the Mac is not working, too many cloud saved files. New Mac costly and with lower storage capacity. Heavy advertising. 
  2. Ugly Duckling Meaning: One who may seem plain at first in appearance or capability, but later turns out to be beautiful or great.  Need to explore the new club. It is in a pub but it is even before the happy hours begin so no cravings 🙂
  3. On the Same Page Meaning: Thinking alike or understanding something in a similar way with others. Yes. This is rare but it is happening.
  4. Go For Broke Meaning: To risk it all, even if it means losing everything. To go all out.  Not found a purpose this strong yet. 
  5. Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees Meaning: Suggests that money is a resource that must be earned and is not one that’s easily acquired. It is true. 7 1/2 years post retirement have been bad earning wise.  
  6. Jaws of Death Meaning: Being in a dangerous or very deadly situation. I watched Shallows yesterday – very moving account of the struggle of the lady who faced a shark all alone.  
  7. Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed Meaning: Someone who isn’t witty or sharp, but rather, they are ignorant, unintelligent, or senseless.  My L1 P2 project and its follow thru speeches highlighted the C.A.P.  Common sense, Alert response and Presence of Mind with Witticism. 
  8. Playing Possum Meaning: Pretending to be dead, or to be deceitful about something.  No. Not happening
  9. A Fool and His Money are Soon Parted Meaning: It’s easy for a fool to lose his/her money.  As we grow old, our equipments, especially electronic ones get older too and need replacements which are hugely costly. We get used to them and can’t do without them. Income decreases – Expenses rise. 
  10. On the Ropes Meaning: Being in a situation that looks to be hopeless!  Not happening. Hope does not happen. 

RAK Movement – Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Someone looking lost? Help them with directions
  2. Save your family some time and buy their groceries
  3. We all need help sometimes; offer someone a helping hand
  4. It can get lonely when you are old, pay your grandparents a visit
  5. Help someone struggling with heavy bags
  6. Google ‘survey for charity’ and complete one. They receive money for every one you fill out!
  7. Be proactive – sign a petition for a good cause
  8. Remember to turn the lights off when you leave a room!
  9. Bake something for your family/friends
  10. Fight climate change – go vegetarian for today!

Check this out from The Times of India

Statue of Unity inauguration: 4,000 cops, 20 drones to keep vigil in Narmada


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Einstein, Aristotle, and Ockham on how real geniuses solve problems %%sep%% Ladders

y fund, minimize expenses, invest in assets and stick to a fixed budget.

To problems with productivity is to build the habit of finishing, focus on the most important things early in the day and create a distraction free environment.

To problems with leadership is to practice empathy, celebrate small achievements and reinforce the vision through leading by example.

via Einstein, Aristotle, and Ockham on how real geniuses solve problems %%sep%% Ladders

Auto-Love Poetry :)

For My Intense Perfume

A Love Poem by jay

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Agony is intense,
And so are you.

Orchids are white,
Ghost ones are rare,
An odor is spicy,
And so is your hair.

Magnolia grows,
With buds like eggs,
The doer is thinker,
And so are your legs.

Sunflowers reach,
Up to the skies,
The aroma is pungent,
And so are your eyes.

Foxgloves in hedges,
Surround the farms,
A pine is yellow,
And so are your arms.

Daisies are pretty,
Daffies have style,
My name is pretty,
And so is your smile.

A Perfume is beautiful,
Just like you.



Thanks to Datamuse, whose word engine was used to complete the poem.

Courtesy: service space newsletter

No Rush, No Dawdle: The Secret Of Proper Timing
by Tom Maxwell

[Listen to Audio!]

The present is truly the only place we exist. What we call the past is a construct of memory, the recollection of which constitutes a present experience. According to author Alan Watts, the future is likewise a construct, “and cannot become a part of experienced reality until it is present.” […]

So, to know happiness in the future, we must be happy now. Delaying enjoyment of your life is to always live in Christmas Eve, with the many gifts around you staying securely wrapped.

Moreover, to participate in the moment — to be fully aware, is to be unified with the experience, and free from the separating identity of being the experiencer.

[Watts:] “To understand music, you must listen to it. But so long as you are thinking, ‘I am listening to this music,’ you are not listening. To understand joy or fear, you must be wholly and undividedly aware of it. So long as you are calling it names and saying, ‘I am happy,’ or ‘I am afraid,”’ you are not being aware of it.”

Not only are you not being aware of it, you are creating the “I” who is afraid, and thus, by this separation, guaranteeing fear’s constant threat.

“This is not a psychological or spiritual discipline for self-improvement,” Watts writes. “It is simply being aware of this present experience, and realizing that you can neither define it nor divide yourself from it. There is no rule but ‘Look!’”

Centuries of Occidental society and culture have made grasping, much less embodying, this revolution in thinking very difficult. We are hardened materialists, fully beholden to identity and addicted to distraction. We evade pain and crave security, and doing so assures us painful, insecure lives. The imminent unknown is not to be avoided, but embraced. Our resilience, our adaptability, is reliant upon us being completely sensitive to the moment, and understanding it as being a new, unique experience. We live in a series of infinite nows, which are always dying, and always being reborn. To be immersed in this reality is to be transformed, for it is there that eternity is available.

“For the perfect accomplishment of any art,” Watts tells us, “you must get this feeling of the eternal present into your bones — for it is the secret of proper timing. No rush. No dawdle. Just the sense of flowing with the course of events in the same way that you dance to music, neither trying to outpace it nor lagging behind. Hurrying and delaying are alike ways of trying to resist the present.”

About the Author: Tom Maxwell is a writer and musician. He likes how one informs the other. Excerpt from article.

Global Entrepreneurs Grid (GEG)

Global Entrepreneurs Grid (GEG) ~ Brings to you the most awaited event ‘World Entrepreneurship Summit-2019’ on 2nd Feb 2019, Bangalore, India. Top speakers are on Board. An initiative to create an eco-system to foster entrepreneurship and innovation through synergistic effort among all stake-holders. hashtagentrepreneurship hashtaginnovationmanagement hashtagsummits hashtageducation hashtaghighereducation hashtagacademia hashtagindustryresearch





Startup newsletter – your story 

Monday usually has a barrage of news floating in, and this week was no different. This time, in the tech space, Microsoft completed one whole day of being GitHub’s parent company. The opensource community is currently being led by Nat Friedman, ex-CEO of Xamarin.

Interestingly, there has been quite a ripple in the open source market as IBM also announced its plan of acquiring Red Hat for $34 billion, which would be its biggest acquisition to date.

While cloud computing has disrupted industries across the spectrum, this acquisition may just change the landscape of cloud itself. Industry experts are calling this the most significant acquisition of 2018. And rightly so. IBM, which has been undergoing a massive portfolio transformation, is set to emerge a stronger player in the hybrid cloud market by blending its own complex offerings with Red Hat’s open source tools.

One thing we’ve learnt is that the starup industry is full of ups and downs. On one hand, we’ve startups scaling up and securing funding, on the other, BookMyShow, PhonePe, Paytm’s parent company One97 and Flipkart reported losses, despite their rising revenues. 


Team YourStory

Stories you shouldn’t miss

Bengaluru-based online bus aggregator ZipGo has acquired Pune-based Supreme Trans Concepts, including its bus aggregation platforms, MetroZip and CityZip. While the amounts and details of the deal remain undisclosed, ZipGo now has a 100 percent stake in Supreme Trans Concepts. The acquisition, says ZipGo, makes it the largest technology-driven B2C bus company in India and in line with its decision to make further inroads into the electric vehicle and e-rickshaw space.

Flipkart Internet Private Ltd, which operates the Flipkart marketplace, narrowed its consolidated loss for the financial year 2018 to Rs 1,160 crore as against a loss of Rs 1,640 crore, documents filed with Registrar of Companies (RoC) showed. The ecommerce giant posted an operating revenue of Rs 2,790 crore for the financial year 2018, compared with Rs 1,882 crore, registering a growth of around 48 percent. Group company Flipkart India Private Ltd, which runs the wholesale business, posted a 39 percent rise in revenue to Rs 21,658 crore for FY18, compared with Rs 15,569 crore in the previous fiscal. Unlike the marketplace unit, the wholesale business unit’s net loss widened nine-fold to Rs 2,065 crore.

Contemporary fashion jewellery brand, Sukkhi Online has raised $7 million from Carpediem Capital and Duane Park. Founded by Bhavesh Navlakha with minimum capital in 2012, it is a contemporary fashion jewellery brand. It aims to provide quality and trendy fashion jewellery at competitive prices. This fund will largely be used to grow Sukkhi Online’s brand and reach its last mile customers across the country and globally, said Bhavesh in a press release.

Online medical supplies aggregator Medikabazaar raised $5 million in Series A funding, led by healthcare venture capital fund HealthQuad. It also included other investors like Elan Corporation, Sasaki Foods, CBC Co. Ltd, Kois Invest, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Venture Capital, and existing investors Sunil Kalra, Arun Venkatachalam and Rebright Partners II Investment Partnership. It plans to use this funding to strengthen its technology and increase its team size including senior leadership.

In a bid to attract more startups to the bourses, market regulator SEBI has proposed a relaxation of listing norms. First, it has proposed the renaming of Institutional Trading Platform (ITP) to Innovators Growth Platform (IGP) and has also announced that IGP would be the main platform under which startups can list themselves. Second, startups can now trade under the regular category within a year of their listing. Earlier, they were mandated to complete three years under IGP before making it to the regular category. SEBI has also proposed a reduction in the minimum trading lot size to Rs 2 lakh from the existing Rs 10 lakh.

Ashish Kashyap, the serial entrepreneur who earlier founded Ibibo Group, which was acquired by MakeMyTrip two years ago, has received a seed investment of $30 million for his latest venture INDwealth, which is yet to launch its operations. Steadview Capital, an India dedicated fund is investing $30 million in this venture. Founded in June this year, INDwealth will be a full-stack wealth-tech platform that will leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning and will begin operations in January 2019. It will act as a one-stop solution for users to manage their investments, liabilities, future cash flows and taxation.

Microsoft Corporation became the second most valuable company in the world, overtaking ecommerce platform Amazon on October 26 after the latter posted weak earnings for the third quarter, which pulled its stock down by more than seven percent.  The fall in Amazon’s share price wiped out $65 billion from its market capitalisation. Its market cap now stands at $805 billion, down from $1 trillion in September. Microsoft, on the other hand, reported strong quarterly numbers, which took its stock up four percent to reach a market capitalisation of $828 billion. This is the first time since April that Microsoft’s market cap has surpassed that of Amazon. 

Check this out from The Times of India

India tops in under-5 deaths due to toxic air, 60,000 killed in 2016: WHO


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God is not to preach 

God is not to be preached but is to be lived.

Don’t preach God, live His words.

To preach what you don’t practice is hypocrisy in its worst form.



[Copyright © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust Ahmednagar (M.S.) India]

5 ways the incredibly well-connected build social capital | Ladders

They’re known as “connectors”
Do others come to you when they’re looking for a new job, moving to a new city, or just looking for a good restaurant? If this becomes a pattern, take this as a sign that you’re a natural connector. The best connectors are comfortable maintaining relationships with seemingly unrelated circles– from their old college buddies to work colleagues to a neighborhood running group.

Connectors have wide networks that also run deep. And because of these relationships, they’re able to connect their friends, family, and colleagues to resources they need. If you’re looking to widen and deepen your network, consider joining a professional club or organization like Harvard Business School Club, Ivy Connect, or Black Female Founders to name a few.

They volunteer
When you give your time to organizations who need it, you’re not just building social capital but good will.

Volunteering for a cause you are passionate about feels good and gives you the opportunity to connect with like-minded people who prioritize the wellbeing of their community and their world.

If you’re not the type to roll up your sleeves at DC Central Kitchen or Habitat for Humanity, plenty of organizations need knowledge workers to donate their writing, communications, and law services pro-bono.

They seek out mentors & mentees
Support is a beautiful thing. And at some point in your professional career you will either be giving or receiving it.

Both a mentor or mentee have the ability to enrich the other. Whether you’re in the position to help or you need guidance, you can earn social capital by providing value as a mentor or mentee. If you’ve reached a dead end in your career, a mentor can help take you to the next level. You can also consider it a mark of your own achievement and mature social capital when you give back in the form of mentorship.

They stay in touch with those who matter
Having lots of contacts is great. But if you have no idea who these people are or how you met them, you’ll have no idea how to leverage your network.

When you add someone to your phone, make a note of where you met them. LinkedIn also has a great feature that lets you enter notes on how or why you made this connection. If you want to go rogue, create a spreadsheet with their contact info and the details of when and how you met them. If it was at a conference and you discussed their newly-launched business, follow-up on how their business is going. Not only does this show you took the time to listen and have an attention-to-detail, but that you also care about their interests.

Use holidays to reach out to those contacts you don’t hear from on a regular basis.

They practice The Law of Reciprocity
Practicing the law of reciprocity is easy. When someone does something nice for you, you do something nice or even more generous in return. Intentions are important when it comes to practicing reciprocity. Helping others with the sole intention of serving your own interests will have an opposite effect on your social capital.

Ursula Lauriston is the Editor-in-Chief of Capitol Standard Magazine – DC’s fastest growing niche brand and lifestyle publication. A dynamic speaker and syndicated columnist, she has been featured in HuffPost, Black Enterprise, The Vault, and more. Find Ursula on Twitter @Urdiggy.

This article first appeared on Capitol Standard.

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This 1 question will make every decision in

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