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A Manual for Self-Disruption

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A Manual for Self-Disruption

David Clarke

David Clarke is PwC’s global chief experience officer and leads PwC’s Experience Center. A principal with PwC US, he is based in the Florida area.


Did ride-sharing apps kill the taxi business? Or did the taxi industry disrupt itself by consistently offering users a lousy experience at a high price and refusing to innovate?

These aren’t merely academic or semantic questions. Today, many companies find themselves competing with businesses whose primary purpose is not simply to take a small amount of market share, but to completely upend their industry and obliterate incumbents’ raisons d’être. And when confronted with such an existential threat, leaders spend too much time and budget trying to keep up with, or stay ahead of, their traditional competitors. A tip: If you need your competitors to alert you that taking your customers for granted will crush your margins, it might be too late. Often, other companies’ faster adoption of emerging technology is a symptom of complacency within your organization.

The leading indicators of complacency might be intangible, but they are usually significant. Is your star talent leaving for competition, or, even more telling, for entirely new industries? Are your costs of recruitment rising and internal recommendations dropping? Do people joke internally about how long it takes to get things done?

The best way to fight complacency and defend against disruption is to go on offense. Instead of playing catch-up, companies should seek to change the rules of the game. They must identify and invest in the people who are always pushing for progress over perfection, and channel their passion and ambition in the service of disrupting their own business models. While doing so, leaders must create a high level of urgency, gain clarity, and express a strong vision.

Invest in Iconoclasts

It takes a special kind of person to speak up and ask if the business is stagnating. Think of your workplace like a chessboard: Everybody has a role to play, and you can’t win a game with only knights. It’s healthy to have a mix of personality types. And one of those types is a team member who raises her hand, asks tough questions, and sparks productive debate.

Some people are naturally good at creating friction — they’re agitators, instigators, disruptors, and downright bothersome. Although they may not always be welcomed in many organizational cultures, they play a vital role when competitive landscapes shift. They’re the people who ask tomorrow’s questions, which tend to not to have answers.

Iconoclasts tend to make great experience and product officers. Because such leaders must work at the intersection of business, experience, and technology (BXT), it is imperative for them to look past the nuts and bolts of the current business, see the bigger picture and articulate a vision. Given the reins of authority, iconoclasts can work across silos to connect the best ideas and opportunities from all parts of the organization.

Disrupt Yourself

Listening to your internal agitators might reveal the need for a big change in direction. The brutal truth is, disruption is holistic, endless, and inevitable. Beyond their business models, companies are going to have to alter their very DNA to stay relevant. That might mean changing behaviors so that people expect to operate in a state of flux. Doing so can be uncomfortable. But painting a vivid picture of the company’s tomorrow so that everybody in the organization knows what what’s on the horizon can provide much-needed clarity.

Embarking upon a transformation means making a long-term commitment to help your business — by hurting it.  Some of the most innovative companies in the world operate with little to no margin to win customers. Others unapologetically delay product releases because they will not compromise on quality. Still others roll out new experiences so rapidly their competitors can’t keep up. Risky business? In one sense. But with a clear vision and a plan to play the long game, companies can make an unconventional approach their standard operating procedure.

Self-disrupting businesses expect public scrutiny, and they power through bad quarters to come out leaner and meaner on the other side. That’s a modus operandi that is not easy to sell to shareholders, or internally. I was in a meeting recently in which someone complained: “Why is our business always changing?”

Building Urgency

The business is always changing because it has to — for success, and for survival. For self-disruption to gain any traction, the executive team and the board need to agree that the task at hand is urgent, and to instill that sense of urgency in the organization. When I work with business leaders and bring them all in the same room, we all become the architects of the future, embrace the leading indicators of change, and examine what is possible. It is only when we all come to the same conclusions and own the same solution that we can move forward with the speed and alignment needed to make tomorrow.

The business is always changing because it has to — for success, and for survival.

Urgency is key. Businesses don’t embark upon needed transformation when they think the threat level they are facing is DEFCON2. They have to act as if they are at DEFCON 1, the highest level of alert, long before they are actually facing an existential threat. But ringing sirens in an attempt to spur people into action only gets you so far. Harnessing the power of iconoclasts and evangelists within the organization in pursuit of a new vision is a necessary first step. And since the work can’t be done solely by your own team, leaders must take pains to bring along vendors, associates, and customers at the inception of a transformation process.

Gaining Clarity

A clear vision will ensure that transformations maintain their momentum. And, here, too, focusing on the prospects of an internal transformation — and not simply looking ahead, to the side, or behind at competitors — functions as a powerful lens. It may help to play a form of Mad Libs and fill in the blanks:

(My company name) didn’t kill the (my industry) business.

We disrupted ourselves by (constructing an entirely differentiated experience).

Anybody can follow a path into the future by walking in the ruts that others have made. Today’s intrepid pioneers are those who carve out their own roads in unforgiving terrain.

Random Acts of Kindness. Make it a RAK Movement and Keep at it

  1. Help an elderly person cross the road or up the stairs
  2. Be someone’s shoulder to cry on
  3. Make a conscious effort to recycle
  4. Help someone carry their pushchair up/down the stairs
  5. Someone looking lost? Help them with directions
  6. Good servicing requires a lot of effort; tip them!
  7. Go green – don’t waste paper
  8. Pay for someone’s bus ticket
  9. Leave a kind message anywhere (in a library book, on a computer etc.)
  10. Empty your wallet for charity

My Favorite Startpreneurs’Newsletter

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Morning Briefing (9 Min Reading Time)
Top news & stories of the startup ecosystem from India & around the world
In another major development, 10 leading media companies of India came together to launch the Digital News Publishers Association (DNPA) to work collaboratively on defining, creating, and fostering the digital news ecosystem in the country. Roundup with insights on these and other important Indian startup news stories…
Facebook has finally appointed Ajit Mohan as Managing Director and Vice-President, Facebook India. Mohan is expected to join Facebook early next year. He will be aligning teams and driving Facebook’s overall strategy in India. Let’s see the movers and shakers of this week…
In a step closer to officially become a portfolio company of US-based investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, Indian digital payments decacorn Paytm’s parent company One97 Communications has reportedly approved the investment of $300 Mn from Berkshire.
Fact sheet by Inc42 Datalabs.
Unlike Japan, the US, Australia, and many other countries, India’s blockchaindevelopment has been caught in a Catch 22 situation where the central government and central banks want to promote blockchain projects but not cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and crypto-tokens.
Here comes Stanza Living, a tech-enabled student accommodation platform, which wants to take the pain out of student living in India and redefine the space with its scalable, professionally managed offerings. The startup is based on a unique community living concept created for students moving to a new place.
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To keep up with the growing sizes of early-stage funding rounds, Y Combinator  announced this morning that it will increase the size of its investments to $150,000 for 7 percent equity starting with its winter 2019 batch. Since 2014, YC has invested $120,000 for 7 percent equity in its companies. It has increased the size of its investment before — in 2007, a YC “standard deal” was just $20,000.
California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a cybersecurity law covering “smart” devices, making California the first state with such a law. The bill, SB-327, was introduced last year and passed the state senate in late August. The bill has been praised as a good first step by some and criticized by others for its vagueness. Cybersecurity expert Robert Graham has been one of its harshest critics.
Hackers may have accessed as many as 50 million Facebook user profiles without those users’ permission, Facebook said today. Facebook says the hackers took advantage of a “vulnerability in Facebook’s code” that gave them access to special “digital keys” that keep people logged into their accounts without needing to re-enter their password.

Goodbye… To worries!

The moment the intensity of your faith in MY WILL reaches its height you say goodbye to worry forever. Think of Me more and more and all your worries will disappear into the nothing they really are.

Don’t Worry. All is as I want.
Keep calm. Don’t get excited.

Gift Of Love, p63
Sayings And Messages Of Avatar Meher Baba
Compiled by Perin Jasumani
Copyright. AMBPPCT

Random Phrases, My Day and Creativity

  1. Knuckle Down Meaning: Getting sincere about something; applying oneself seriously to a job.  Two impromptu Ice-breaker speeches – moving towards Goal 1. Did not win prize, got a participation certificate but the pleasure was in audience individuals – rank strangers coming back not just complimenting but quoting me ‘VERBATIM’ and saying, they loved it, they would like to keep in touch, some even said we would like to learn a few things from you. I was humbled. 
  2. Dropping Like Flies Meaning: To fall down ill or to die in large numbers. I wish it does not happen to humans, pests and insects, viruses and diseases is another matter. What I noticed today is the best Evaluators club of Toastmasters had difficulty in filling the hall with audience and participants for the Marathons the Area Directors are planning to hold across city.  One actually said about ATTRITION of members? That was sad.  It said a lot about the lack of leadership and the Pull and Push of the managing committees.  
  3. Man of Few Words Meaning: A person who does not speak a great deal; someone who talks with as few words as possible.  Met an interesting person. He was my speech evaluator. His speciality is being brief and as an extempore impromptu ice breaker speaker who was pushed to speak – I had failed by exceeding the time limit.  He said he will mail his evaluation ! That’s it.  🙂 
  4. Poke Fun At Meaning: Making fun of something or someone; ridicule.  Had this experience. At the end of a dominant communicator speech the speaker did actually did not want any questions. When asked – he asked me to repeat thrice and explain 4 time and I was about to say – “Let’s take this off line as I did not ask this to challenge you but to support your views, just clarifying a point”.  Some Speakers are on their High HOrse ! They feel, they are the only one who can challenge! Anyone asking a question is a lowly minion, dimwit and brainless.  My Professorial hat tells me to answer them – Questions are never stupid – answers are – like mine 🙂 🙂 .  
  5. Hear, Hear Meaning: A shout of agreement, or to draw attention to a speaker. I asked the speaker that when a friend is faced with problems – should I make an appreciative enquiry and find what solutions he has in his mind, as he knows the problems best. Second, is my friend looking for an Affirmation that the solution he has found has my tacit support so that he can try it out with heart? I was taken round and round in derogatory circles with a menacing look on the face by a socalled Guinness Award winner and World Speech champion and I felt very sad for him.  What did I do to hurt his Ego? 
  6. On the Same Page Meaning: Thinking alike or understanding something in a similar way with others.  Sometimes, in a gathering when you wish to say that you are in the same boat, same page, thinking alike – it is best to use non-verbal communication like nodding your head to convey Yes, I agree.  
  7. Swinging For the Fences Meaning: Giving something your all.  One more article coming up in a new club Newsletter which was launched today. Felt great.  Meeting new Chamber of commerce and meeting some very interesting and interested people ( atleast on the face of it) I felt great and felt genuinely that there are things I can do to assist and help.  The new Chairman was receptive and said wants to have a one on one Strategy/ vision statement session.  He said he is a Visual thinker like me, that was pleasing. 
  8. Up In Arms Meaning: Angry; being roused to the point that you are ready to fight.  But I gave up. I saw on Whatsapp the pictures of a poor girl being honored by a sport shoes company and giving them her name as she could not afford them. i felt sad for someone whose dream was ignited, latent wishes brought to fore in my mentoring but had given up on them with diffidence.  I was angry inside but let go. 
  9. Quick and Dirty Meaning: Things that are fixed with great speed, but as a result, it’s probably not going to work very well. Hmmm… it was a busy day, I could have gone and got my Suits overhauled now that I have lost so much weight and bought a new pair of formal shoes as the formal meetings are moving up but I just changed jackets for two occasions – Reminder to self – GO FIX THIS ASAP. 
  10. Mountain Out of a Molehill Meaning: One who escalates small things and turns them into big problems.  I found a senior evaluator indulging in overstatements, exaggerations, over praise, excessive acting skills show and was bit turned off.  Then I met him one on one for about 7 minutes, got his life story out and realised that even at our late age – the need to RECOGNITION is so high that NAME AUR FAME KE LIYE KUCHH BHI KAREGA i.e. I’ll do any thing to get name and fame. I quietly agreed to disagreed and moved on to another person by saying “Sorry, Sir, I do not wish to monopolise you, others also need your kind attention”. Thank you.

2 Riddles

I am the beginning of sorrow and the end of sickness. There’s no happiness without me nor is there sadness. I am always in risk, yet never in danger. You will find me in the sun, but I am never out of darkness.

The answer is: The letter S.

It’s been around for millions of years, but it’s no more than a month old. What is it?

The answer is: The moon.

Darth’s Torment – The Villanelle Of The Frog

A Villanelle by jay

Darth couldn’t stop thinking about the frog
It was just so flappy and rash
But he could never forget the monologue

That morning, Darth was shocked by the clog
He found himself feeling rather brash
Darth couldn’t stop thinking about the frog

Later, he realised that the frog was agog
He tried to focus on a bash
But he could never forget the monologue

Ruth tried to distract him with a backlog
Said it was time to start thinking about a backlash
Darth couldn’t stop thinking about the frog

Darth decided to do something analogue
The frog was like a toxic smash
But he could never forget the monologue

Darth nosedived like an odd catalogue
His mind turned into a splash
Darth couldn’t stop thinking about the frog
But he could never forget the monologue

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Auto Praise for Darth’s Torment – The Villanelle Of The Frog

“With their strict rhyming structure, villanelles are hard, but the way jay plucks ‘brash’, ‘bash’, ‘backlash’, ‘smash’, ‘splash’, out of the English language is simply sublime.”
– The Daily Tale
“I just don’t feel Darth’s love for the frog.”
– Enid Kibbler
“The verse about Ruth gave me chills!”
– Zob Gloop