Time is Now – Invoke your Creativity, use Random Phrase Prompts for the day.

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  1. Elephant in the Room Meaning: Ignoring a large, obvious problem or failing to address an issue that stands out in a major way.
  2. Rain on Your Parade Meaning: To spoil someone’s fun or plans; ruining a pleasurable moment
  3. Keep On Truckin’ Meaning: To keep going, pressing forward; never stopping.
  4. Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees Meaning: Suggests that money is a resource that must be earned and is not one that’s easily acquired.
  5. Top Drawer Meaning: High quality, exceptional; something that’s very valuable.
  6. Cut To The Chase Meaning: To get to the point, leaving out all of the unnecessary details.
  7. Lovey Dovey Meaning: The affectionate stuff that people do when they are in love, such as kissing and hugging.
  8. Roll With the Punches Meaning: To tolerate or endure through the unexpected mishappenings you may encounter from time to time.
  9. Head Over Heels Meaning: Falling deeply in love with another person.
  10. Fish Out Of Water Meaning: Someone being in a situation that they are unfamiliar or unsuited