A man’s—a human being’s—every thought, word, and action is liable to and actually creates sanskaras. Good thoughts, words, and deeds create good sanskaras, while bad thoughts, words, and deeds create bad ones. Either way, sanskaras are indeed created. Only Realized Ones are void and free of them. These sanskaras can never be wiped off unless one is lucky enough to incur the grace of a Guru and attain Realization.

For this reason it is said somewhere in the Persian: “If you ask for advice, in short I would tell you this: do nothing in this world; and if at all you must act, do it without caring for the result. Let it be done of its own accord which is to say, do not pervert anything which is going on a straight course.”

And why should you refrain from action thus? Because, as just explained every action of yours creates sanskaras—good and bad according to the thoughts, words, and deeds in question; and these sanskaras constitute the great check and hindrance on the path of progress towards the goal of Truth.

For the destruction of these sanskaras there have been developed so many varied, difficult, and different processes of yoga sadhana—methods of meditation, concentration, and so forth—which check and stop the formation of new sanskaras only. In other words, these yogas too are helpless in every way it comes to rooting out and wiping off your old sanskaras from the past.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p307
28-November-1926; Lonavala
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Photo Courtesy Meher Spiritual Center