“Seeing Through Kavanaugh’s Tears”

“Seeing Through Kavanaugh’s Tears” @LuxAlptraum https://medium.com/s/story/seeing-through-kavanaughs-tears-f34e199b199b


Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Leave a kind message anywhere (in a library book, on a computer etc.)
  2. Share today’s food with your neighbour!
  3. Make someone’s day – tell a friend why you appreciate them
  4. Someone looking lost? Help them with directions
  5. Remember that friend you haven’t seen for ages? Give them a call
  6. Feed a stray animal if you spot one
  7. Purchase ethical goods
  8. Recycle 3 things today
  9. Open the door for someone
  10. Have lunch with a homeless person

Startup stories newsletter my fav

Daily Capsule | 30th September

How Jaypore’s Co-Founder, Shilpa Sharma’s love for painting and all things beautiful led her down the path of fruitful entrepreneurship

Jaypore’s Shilpa Sharma’s love for paintings and all things beautiful led her down the path of fruitful entrepreneurship. Besides bringing the world closer together and connecting a global audience to India’s exquisite handcrafted merchandise, Jaypore now partners with artisanal communities, textile designers and independent artists to create a unique interpretation of age-old crafts and has also developed a contemporary design language. The founder talks about how water colours and photography have helped her de-stress and enjoy the journey.

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Buddha in Business: The joys of building a product

Is it possible to dovetail Buddhist framework into the ten building blocks of the business model itself and build a robust entrepreneurial practice? This was the question we raised in our introductory column last week. Starting today, we will address each of the building blocks within the Buddhist ethos by illustrating with an appropriate and interesting use case. To begin with, what is a business model? And secondly, how is it different from a business plan? Here’s the second in the twelve part series.

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Actor Rasika Dugal – ‘Daily challenges are overcome with love and warmth from close friends’

Manto, the biographical film on famous Urdu author Saadat Hasan Manto, written and directed by Nandita Das, hit the screens last week and has received rave reviews from discerning filmgoers. YS Weekender caught up with actress Rasika Dugal, who plays the lead role as Manto’s wife in the film, for an exclusive interview.

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‘Worldly success and recognition are the most over-rated virtues’: Madhuri Upadhya, Co-founder Nritarutya

Madhuri Upadhya is Co-founder and Associate Director, Nritarutya, which is one of India’s foremost dance companies creating innovative experiences to widen the perceptions of dance. She draws her inspiration as a choreographer and dancer from the fine arts, Indian mythology and Indian folk culture. Her work combines the aesthetics of dance and fine arts. Madhuri speaks about her regrets, her achievements, what she would like to change about herself and much more.

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Facebook India Startup Day Awards

Facebook India Startup Day is celebrating stories of founders and leaders who with the support of technology are solving current and future societal challenges. Get a chance to connect with such leaders at India Startup Day Awards.

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