This morning : Random Phrase for today

Ugly Duckling


One who may seem plain at first in appearance or capability, but later turns out to be beautiful or great.

English is a FUNNY language – Said Shri Amitabh Bachchan in a film dialogue. i fully Agree.

I was writing to a Mentee of mine who is struggling and in the endline mentioned – Hope you face your Waterloo soon !   I had of course, heard someone say it. I knew it was about Napoleon Bonaparte but I did not know the meaning.

I sent the mail and checked the dictionary and said WTH – let me find my right word.  And Lo and Behold ! I found it.  I wanted to say – let this incident / function today prove to be your Watershed moment and all your struggles should come to fruition!

So, you can see, English is such a funny language.  I was sending a short resume on whatsapp to a membership incharge of Toastmasters and I said, i was an Orator, Debator and extempore speaker and I wish to relearn speaking skills as redundancy has set in.  And What?

After a while I saw a message with smileys and thumbs ups ! and I said, what happened?  he liked my resume?  And I read and re-read again.

It read I was and Orator, SENATOR ( capitals mine) and I said WTH 1  This is T9 and Grammarly dictionary apps promoting me! WOW!

On both occasions I laughed inwardly at my own self and my follies and said Oh – perhaps the morning Random Phrase is coming true for me.

Amen !