WOW ! 400 Followers – Again ! Thank you.

I never thought, I would have any followers or BFFFs as I have come to call my readers – The Best Friends, Followers and Fans!  I love them and their comments and likes. I like to read their blogs and like and comment.

For a short while when I reached a 360 number, I added a blog one of my mentees made and made me an Admin.  While setting it up I don’t know what I did – all 360 were migrated to her blog and I was at ZERO ! WOW – WordPress, I said.  But soon, I withdrew as Admin as she appointed social media interns to manage her blog but the followers and friends and fans did not return.

I said, OK. So be it ! But after about 10 days or so as I see 400 or you back – I feel so deeply grateful to you all – let me say a BIG THANK YOU !




20 comments on “WOW ! 400 Followers – Again ! Thank you.”
  1. Congratulations. A nice milestone to achieve.

    1. JayMentor says:

      Thank you so much. Most appreciated. Regards. Jay

  2. Congratulations! Keep up the positivity and connecting.

    1. JayMentor says:

      Thank you. Most appreciated. Regards. Jay

  3. Winnie says:


    1. JayMentor says:

      Thank you

      1. Winnie says:

        You’re welcome

        1. JayMentor says:


  4. CrackReview says:


    1. JayMentor says:

      Thank you

      1. CrackReview says:

        You’re welcome…

  5. eddaz says:


    1. JayMentor says:

      Thank you. Regards. Jay

      1. eddaz says:

        You are welcome!

  6. Congratulations 👍👍👍

    1. JayMentor says:


  7. Nasuko says:


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  8. Pradnya says:


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