Random Phrases generated today and my day predictions :)

Good I learnt in childhood to play Boxing ( Even have a Stitch mark as memory below my lips – given by a worthy opponent) but LIfe sometimes teaches us great lessons.

Roll With the Punches Meaning: To tolerate or endure through the unexpected mishappenings you may encounter from time to time.  Some were of course, my play and some of course happened or were stage managed by others. It happens. 

  1. Barking Up The Wrong Tree Meaning: To make a wrong assumption about something.  I don’t. I perceive, Do loud thinking and after thinking make Judgement calls never assumptions, presumptions of guess work. 
  2. Dropping Like Flies Meaning: To fall down ill or to die in large numbers.  Sad it happened in near family yesterday. 
  3. Down For The Count Meaning: Someone or something that looks to be defeated, or nearly so. Don’t know how this will happen or what hidden message is here. 
  4. Throw In the Towel Meaning: Giving up; to surrender.  I surrender to love or to God. As they say in Urdu couplet Kaho na Khuda ( God) se langar utha de  or Kaho Nakhuda Se (Human being) Langar utha de – Main bhi toofan ki zid dekhna chahata hoon !  
  5. Know the Ropes Meaning: Having a familiarity or understanding of how something works.  Process is so critical to know. At times this takes my longest time researching before mentoring or during. 
  6. Cut To The Chase Meaning: To get to the point, leaving out all of the unnecessary details.  It is a habit. It is called Occam’s Razor. 
  7. Needle In a Haystack Meaning: To keep going, pressing forward; never stopping.  I just registered for 3 new Udemy courses. Already done 14. Learning never ends. 
  8. Wild Goose Chase Meaning: Futilely pursuing something that will never be attainable. So finally, I gave up the chase. No more. 
  9. Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed Meaning: Someone who isn’t witty or sharp, but rather, they are ignorant, unintelligent, or senseless. It is best to Ignore them. Ignoring is to kill. 
  10. Happy as a Clam Meaning: The state of being happy; feeling delighted. I am! Feels great to study new courses which bring new skills, knowledge and provide me new tools.

A friend sent a presentation of a new biz today. Wonderful implementation plan, business plan and hyperscalable model I like.