Survey: 68% of CEOs Admit They Weren’t Fully Prepared for the Job

via Survey: 68% of CEOs Admit They Weren’t Fully Prepared for the Job

Here’s how to calculate, in dollars and cents, the value of your time | A Life of Productivity

Here’s how to calculate, in dollars and cents, the value of your time
Written by Chris Bailey × July 17, 2018
Takeaway: It’s worth calculating, in dollars and cents, what your time is worth to you. Chances are the value will orbit around four things: how frugal you are, how much you value your time, your income, and how busy you are or how overwhelmed you feel.
Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes, 7s.

Calculating how valuable your time is can help you determine which tasks are worth spending your time on.
When it comes to productivity, one of the most powerful things to realize is that not all tasks are made equal. Some tasks in your work and home life—like training new recruits, investing in your learning, and playing a board game with your family—are valuable and meaningful to you. These are infinitely more important than repetitive work tasks, or maintenance tasks at home, like mowing the grass, cleaning up around the house, or doing your taxes—all of which can easily be delegated to a virtual assistant, student, or kid down the street.

Everyone can place a value on their time, and doing so is one of the most valuable calculations you can make when it comes to your productivity. There are countless ways in your home and work lives to buy back some time. Obviously you won’t always be able, or want to delegate tasks—especially at work, where you may not have the budget or flexibility to hire an assistant or student to work on your team. But when you look around, there are countless ways of buying back your time.

For example, deciding whether to:

fly or drive somewhere
take an Uber or public transportation
hire someone to mow your yard, shovel snow, or clean your place
hire an assistant, student, or team to delegate low-return tasks to
hire someone to do your personal or business taxes or accounting
becomes infinitely easier when you calculate exactly what your time is worth to you. Naturally, if you find value or meaning in the tasks above, they may not be worth outsourcing to someone else.

This calculation is entirely subjective, but over the last several years, as I’ve calculated my personal amount, I’ve found that the value has orbited around four things:

How frugal I am.
How much I value my time.
My income level.
How busy I am, and how overwhelmed I feel.
Even when I was a starving student, I found that there was a certain amount I would pay to buy back an hour of my time. Back then, I did my own taxes and worked a minimum wage job because my time wasn’t worth more than that—but it was still worth something, I figured around $5/hour. Today, many years later, the equation has changed: I’m busier and actually have a stable income, so I’m willing to pay more to buy back an hour of my time. In both cases, calculating how valuable my time was gave me a benchmark to see whether buying back some time was worth it.

I have a simple challenge for you: right now, spend a few minutes considering what your time is worth, given the variables above. The calculation takes some thought, but it will pay dividends over time. If you can’t do it right now, schedule 15 minutes in your calendar tomorrow to do the challenge—no matter how low or how high you think the number will be.
Every minute you save by not doing low-value tasks is one precious minute you can spend doing something more meaningful or important. When how productive you are is a direct result of how you spend your time, knowing the value of your time will let you evaluate opportunities to buy it back in the future. Every minute you save by not doing low-value tasks is one precious minute you can spend doing something more meaningful or important.This will let you spend your time on more meaningful things.

Illustration by Sinisa Sumina.

via Here’s how to calculate, in dollars and cents, the value of your time | A Life of Productivity

How The Flipkart Mafia (?)Flipped The Fate Of The Indian Startup Ecosystem – Inc42 Media

How The Flipkart Mafia(?) Flipped The Fate Of The Indian Startup Ecosystem

Pooja Sareen
Inc42 Staff
07 May’17 42 min read
Flipkart Founders, 10 Years, 233 Flipsters, 207 Startups And $400 Mn In Funding

Uber. Airbnb. LinkedIn. YouTube. Tesla Motors. Yelp. All seemingly large, yet primarily unrelated companies. What you may not know, though, is the uncommon thread connecting all these multi-billion dollar companies – they were all advised, funded, or founded by former PayPal employees, better known in today’s startup terminology as the “PayPal Mafia.” Today, we present a similar tale, of how a class of entrepreneurial legends and an entire ecosystem arose from who was once called India’s glorified bookseller, Flipkart and the various entrepreneurs, investors and startups it sprouted, The Flipkart Mafia.

The Mafia, the Mob, the Syndicate or, like the Italians like to call them, La Cosa Nostra (Our Thing), is the name of a secret, a criminal organisation which evolved in mid-19th century Sicily. Today, it has come to define a group of people wielding substantial (political, military, or economic) power for their own benefit.

Back in 2002, PayPal was acquired by eBay for $1.5 Bn and was touted as a “worthwhile investment for eBay.” One of the major reasons for the PayPal deal was eBay’s expedition to hit the $3 Bn revenue mark by 2005. Interestingly, it touched $4.5 Bn in revenues for the year 2005.

Update [March 2018]: Flipkart Plans 4.5 Mn Sq Ft State-Of-The-Art Logistics Park In Bengaluru

But analysts had mixed opinions on the acquisition. “This is good news for eBay, but bad news for PayPal,” opined Gwenn Bezard, an analyst with Celent Communications at that time. According to him, PayPal’s shareholders would have benefited more if the company remained independent. The criticism did not die down with time either as Eric Jackson, a Forbes contributor, termed the deal as “the worst tech decision in the last 10 years.” According to him, PayPal left too much value on the table by selling early.

However, the impact of a particular deal can’t be judged by the deal size or the value founders or investors get, but by how it impacted and helped in revitalising the overall ecosystem around it.

via How The Flipkart Mafia Flipped The Fate Of The Indian Startup Ecosystem – Inc42 Media

The Gorgeous And Gracious Re-Birthday A Poem by jay

The Gorgeous And Gracious Re-Birthday

A Poem by jay

Whose Re-Birthday is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite happy though.
Full of joy like a vivid rainbow,
I watch her laugh. I cry hello.

She gives her Re-Birthday a shake,
And laughs until her belly aches.
The only other sound’s the break,
Of distant waves and birds awake.

The Re-Birthday is gorgeous, gracious and deep,
But she has promises to keep,
After cake and lots of sleep.
Sweet dreams come to her cheap.

She rises from her gentle bed,
With thoughts of kittens in her head,
She eats her jam with lots of bread.
Ready for the day ahead.

With thanks to the poet, Robert Frost, for the underlying structure.

When in Dire dilemma or at my wits end

When I am having a dire dilemma or I am at my wits end I run to:
1. BhagvadGita for a Random Shloka
sarvadharmaanparityajya maamekam sharanam vraja |
aham tvaa sarvapaapebhyo mokshayishhyaami maa shuchah ||

Abandoning all paths, come to Me as the only refuge. Grieve not, for I will liberate you from all sins.

A bible gifted to me by a friend.
2.saiah 37:17Passage: Give ear, LORD, and hear; open your eyes, LORD, and see; listen to all the words Sennacherib has sent to ridicule the living God.

Then I try and interpret in my own way and find meaning by relating these to my problems. 

I Usually find my answers in my prayers. 

How To Apologize – Kris Gage – Medium

How To Apologize
Because you’re almost certainly doing it wrong

mural by: Nils Westergard
Step 1. Listen.
Actually, no.

Scratch that.

You can’t just listen and think you’re gonna get off that easy. You can’t just stop talking and absorb words and think that’s the starting point. It’s not.

Step 1. Get your head straight.
Do you love this person? If you don’t, that’s okay — do you at least care about this person? You don’t even need to care about this person as their own unique human, though that certainly helps. All you really need to do is be adecent human being who understands that your lived experience is sometimes different than other people’s lived experience and sometimes — inadvertently or otherwise — we step on each other’s toes. That’s the bare minimum — just understand that sometimes we bump into each other andbruise. Care about that.

If this is a loved one, though, you probably also love them. Get into that head space. Rather than entering into this space on the defensive — ready to push back, explain away, throw punches, or bail — get into a place where you focus on your compassion for them, and their lived experience. And, for just a moment, suspend your own. It’s their turn right now. Yours is next.

Step 2. Listen
Listen to what they’re saying. Absorb.

Seek to understand before being understood.

Step 3. Validate
Say the same things back to them. Don’t parrot. Don’t seek a “receipt” or a “gold star” or “check mark.” Don’t be a dick. Don’t forget step 1: you love them (don’t you?)

Make sure that what you said back to them mirrors what they said.

Only once they hear that it’s been absorbed and held and presumably cared for can they let their defenses down and hear your response…

Step 4. Apologize.
Here’s how an apology always goes:
“I’m sorry that I…”

Here’s how an apology never, ever goes:
Option a.) “I’m sorry that you…”

Option b.) “I’m sorry that I __, but…”

If you apologize for their experience, and not what you did to impact it, you didn’t apologize.

And if you apologize and then add any kind of disclaimer or explanation — but, except, however, just, etc. — then you did not apologize.

You just did enough to get their attention, and then you used that podium toexplain away your behavior. You didn’t take responsibility. And if you don’t accept responsibility, you aren’t apologizing.

You never have to take responsibility for their feelings, but you are responsible for your own actions, especially if they were wrong.

If you don’t understand why you should take responsibility for what you did, repeat steps 1–3 until you do.

Step 5. Stop talking
You are not responsible for their response. They can choose to accept your apology or not — that’s on them. But as long as you did steps 1–4, and your heart was in it, and you weren’t being a dick or defensive while you did (see step 1 again), then you did your part.

If there’s something that you want to get off your chest, that’s cool — repeat steps 1–5 in the inverse. Only once you’re done with one person.

How to seek and accept an apology:
Step 1. Get in the right headspace
Care and compassion — see above

Step 2. State things clearly — and fairly
Don’t assign shit to them that isn’t theirs.

Step 3. Be fair.
Don’t get defensive or hurtful or mean. Don’t interrupt. Don’t belittle. etc.

Step 4. When they apologize, stop.
If the other person is the one doing the apologizing, and they’ve accepted responsibility for what they did wrong and apologized, stop berating them. I know it feels good to repeat the same thing over and over and over, but if they did step 2, and they honored the thing, it’s not fair to keep beating them up over it. If you’re still hurt, that’s fine. But if they went through steps, then you’re done. Everything else you’re feeling is yours to soothe.

And if ever either of you feel lost, just go back to step 1.

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Best Stories for Startpreneurs, SMEs.

Monday Wrap | 23rd July 2018

Meet the 13-year-old who harnessed Mumbai’s dabbawala network for his courier service

Starting up young just got a new benchmark. Meet the 13-year-old who harnessed Mumbai’s dabbawala network for his courier service. Tilak Mehta, a Class 8 student at Garodia International School in Mumbai, started Papers N Parcels to help Mumbaikars courier their things around the city for same-day delivery at the cheapest rates. The business is self-funded, with his family putting in the initial funding; Tilak intends to pay it back once the company is profitable.

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Why Singapore-based Alluma is betting big on global crypto trade

Virtual currency may be on the RBI radar, but we tell you why Singapore-based Alluma is betting big on global crypto trade. Founded by Akash Agarwal in 2017, the crypto exchange brings together robust compliance processes, an advanced yet easy-to-use platform and UI, and a tight security framework. The startup still does peer-to-peer transfers and maintains accounts with banks globally as it is registered in Singapore.

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Udaipur-based Medhola brings medical services to your doorstep

What if the doctor could come home when you were unwell? Udaipur-based Medhola brings medical services to your doorstep and has tied up with service providers across the city of Udaipur for non-critical and non-emergency issues like fever, cold, small injuries, etc. Founded by Gaurav Dhakar in 2016, the healthtech startup is particularly useful for the elderly or dependent segment of the population.

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Jaipur-based MeraPatient aims to bring more offline pharma stores online

When Manish Mehta, a CA, and Alok Khandelwal a journalist, decided to start up, they thought of building a product that served society. They realised that despite the profusion of digital healthcare platforms, there wasn’t a single point that brought together all stakeholders in the healthcare system. Enter Jaipur-based MeraPatient, which aims to bring more offline pharma stores online.

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Delivery after delivery, CampusKhana is driving away students’ hunger pangs in Indore’s colleges

Foodtech giants like Zomato and Swiggy can come to your rescue if you are hungry in the city. But what if you are on the outskirts of a small city? Meet CampusKhana, which is driving away students’ hunger pangs in Indore’s colleges. Launched in December 2015 by Amit Ranjan and Monica Dua, this foodtech aggregator started its journey by delivering food to IIM Indore. In the last couple of years, it has diversified into fruits and grocery delivery, and reportedly delivered more than 16,000 orders.

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Jaipur-based HR-tech startup WorkNrBy helps you find job opportunities close to home

Founded by Ashish Agarwal, Pinku Agarwal, and Manu Saxena in 2016, Jaipur-based HR-tech startup WorkNrBy helps you find job opportunities close to home. The platform is tapping the hyperlocal employment opportunity and focuses on small and medium businesses spread across a city. It is free for job seekers, and even for employers in the initial stages.

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Kolkata-based Obo believes on-demand concierge service is the need of the day

In a world where time equals money, Saurav Jhawar and Madhuri Chalke believe on-demand concierge service is the need of the day. Their startup Obo, which works as an on-demand personalised delivery service, offers on-demand delivery, reverse deliveries, and even first and last-mile logistics. Obo’s local delivery network and logistics technology helps merchants deliver to their customers in a cost-effective way.

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Paramotor aims to reach POS solution to small town retailers

Sonia Asher and Rahul Anand decided to tap the huge opportunity to help consumers access their kirana store on a digital platform. Their fintech startup, Paramotor, which was launched in 2016, aims to reach POS solutions to small-town retailers. The omni-channel payment processing platform helps merchants accept payments from customers across all sales channels and devices.

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How MountBlue’s coding bootcamps are aiding entry-level tech hiring in startups

The disconnect between engineers’ skills and employability led Konark Singhal to found MountBlue Technologies, a startup that began operations in Bengaluru in June 2017. Now, MountBlue’s coding bootcamps are aiding entry-level tech hiring in startups. The bootcamps re-skill and upskill engineers to make them ready for employment in tech startups and various high-growth ventures. In a year, MountBlue has had nearly 100 engineers graduate in 10 cohorts.

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As many died in the sector, NOW Delivery turned profitable in hyperlocal delivery, and is expanding

Hyperlocal delivery is a sector where more startups have died than thrived. But Noida-based NOW Delivery turned profitable, and is expanding. Launched in Noida in January 2016 by Vivek Pandey and Bharat Khandelwal, NOW Delivery started as a bike taxi platform. Between lunch and dinner time, it would do hyperlocal food deliveries. Now, it also offers no-delay deliveries for medical needs.

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Ban on crypto assets notwithstanding, WazirX believes the future is in cryptocurrencies

Despite the ban on crypto assets, Mumbai-based WazirX believes the future is in cryptocurrencies. Founded by Nischal Shetty, Siddarth Menon, and Sameer, the idea was clear: to create India’s very own and most trusted crypto assets exchange, enabling Indians to build up their digital portfolio by buying, selling or investing in digital assets. The platform allows people to buy cryptocurrencies through peer-to-peer transfers.

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Forget Facebook, YoBlunt is the next big social network that lets ‘you be you’

In the digital age, people put their best faces forward on social networking sites. But what about the struggles and fears that dog us? Ashish Bais, Manish Bais, and Rishita Varma decided to target this problem With YoBlunt, the next big social network that lets “you be you”. Launched in mid-2017 as an anti-Facebook proposition, this Faridabad-based startup offers a platform restricted to anonymous selfie narration videos only by using patent-pending artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

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How The Sales Talent is finding its niche in placing sales, marketing professionals

When Prasad Tataverty saw that there was no digital platform to exclusively address the requirement of sales and marketing professionals, he decided – in March 2018 – to start up with a jobs site. The Sales Talent is finding its niche in placing sales and marketing professionals. The digital platform acts as a one-stop shop for jobs, career, networking, learning, and mentoring.

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How these 6 IIT alumni are working to take India towards better health

Healthtech startups may be booming, but these 6 IIT alumni are working to take India towards better health. Siddharth Bidwan, Nimish Mehta, Kumar Akarsh, Piyush Singh, Harshal Jain, and Srikanth Manne launched MedLabz, a platform that offers convenient and easy access to diagnostic services; based on test results, it directs patients to specific doctors and specialists. Its predictive AI engine also helps customers adopt healthier lifestyles based on conditions, past ailments, and treatments.

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I like this as Startpreneur Resource.


Disruption is dead. Long live the hyper-scalable
Disruptive innovation has had its day, says Professor of Entrepreneurship Omar Mohout. What businesses need to succeed now is hyperscalability. READ MORE
Experts say formal education is failing to prepare people for the modern world. Here’s how to harness your secret learning skills.
The robots are coming to take our jobs – but is that really a bad thing? Find out how automation will transform the way we think about work.
“Surround yourself with people who think differently to you, who know different things, who come from a different background. Be aware of too much like-mindedness, too much groupthink”
You want to hire the best, no matter where they might be. And in this increasingly global world, geographical borders should be no deterrent.
We’re more connected than ever before, so why do we feel so isolated? Networking guru Julia Hobsbawm reveals the surprising answer.
What makes you more productive in your workspace? Take our five-minute survey and you could win your choice of the latest voice assistants.
From cultural riches in Amsterdam to business opportunities in Japan, here are the latest Regus hotspots for flexible, productive working.
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Startpreneurs Fav Newsletter from Inc.42 I like this.

Morning Briefing Top news & stories of the startup ecosystem from India & around the world
12 Min Reading Time
The National Anti-Profiteering Authority has directed the director general, audit, to conduct an audit on the ecommerce companies (like Amazon, Myntra) to check if the excess tax collected after the GST Council slashed tax rates, has indeed been refunded to the customers.
The survey was conducted over a period of six months and included 100 developers. The key reasons cited for the brain drain was – the lack of “robust regulatory framework” in the country on blockchain technology, among others.
With the latest funding, PaySense aims to tap into the emerging middle class of India and is also looking to hire more people to strengthen its tech and data analytics team. Till date, the company has raised $25.6 Mn, from investors like PayU, Nexus Ventures, and Jungle Ventures.
Fact sheet by Inc42 Datalabs.
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We’ve kept you updated on the major stories of the Indian startup ecosystem throughout the week. Now it’s time to catch up on the important updates in the tech and startup ecosystem from around the world.
Sanjay Nath and his co-founder Karthik Reddy, who established Blume Ventures in 2011, have been busy. A couple of years ago, Blume was trying to raise $30 Mn for its Fund Two and wanted to invest in 35-35 startups. Today, Blume Ventures is working on raising $80 Mn for Fund Three and has already invested in 75 portfolio companies. Find out what Sanjay looks for when he invests in startups and more.
Snapcash ended up as a way to pay adult performers for private content over Snapchat, not just a way to split bills with friends. But Snapchat will abandon the peer-to-peer payment space on August 30th. Code buried in Snapchat’s Android app includes a “Snapcash deprecation message” that displays “Snapcash will no longer be available after %s [date]”.
Sunday morning, SpaceX successfully launched and landed its Falcon 9 rocket, while putting the Telstar 19 VANTAGE satellite into a high orbit above Earth. The mission marks the 13th launch of the year for SpaceX and the 26th successful landing of a Falcon 9 rocket booster.
The blockchain is in the middle of a major hype cycle at the moment, and that makes it hard for many people to take it seriously, but if you look at the core digital ledger technology, there is tremendous potential to change the way we think about trust in business. Yet these are still extremely early days and there are a number of missing pieces that need to be in place for the blockchain to really take off in the enterprise.
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Creativity : Generate new Random Sentences – Get new ideas.

  1. Please wait outside of the house.
  2. If you like tuna and tomato sauce- try combining the two. It’s really not as bad as it sounds.
  3. The shooter says goodbye to his love.
  4. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
  5. I want more detailed informatio

Good morning. My Random Phrases generated for today :)

  1. Cup Of Joe Meaning: A cup of joe is an American nickname for a cup of coffee. The best of Bengaluru is in morning walks and wonderful Morning Cuppa of sugarless filtered Kaapi ! WOW! 
  2. Dropping Like Flies Meaning: To fall down ill or to die in large numbers. NOPE. Shouldn’t happen.
  3. Break The Ice Meaning: Breaking down a social stiffness. Hmmm… Some progress. 
  4. I Smell a Rat Meaning: A feeling that something is not quite right, or awry.  I know. This is a feeling all the time in some relationships, some situations. Must be careful. 
  5. Back to Square One Meaning: To go back to the beginning; back to the drawing board. I am planning for a long time to begin drawing and painting. May be today is a good day to restart. 
  6. Mountain Out of a Molehill Meaning: One who escalates small things and turns them into big problems. Let’s wait and see how the day progresses. 
  7. Beating a Dead Horse Meaning: To bring up an issue that has already been resolved. Some issues with closure problems always recur as honesty, integrity, Authenticity and lack of it makes them resurface again and again. 
  8. Elephant in the Room Meaning: Ignoring a large, obvious problem or failing to address an issue that stands out in a major way. This is one problem I notice with most mentees.  I read today that Disruption is Dead and HyperScalability is the IN thing. The Revenue Generation and the process required to do this and have the right Business Hacker mentors is an issue most startups face these days. 
  9. Right Off the Bat Meaning: Immediately, done in a hurry; without delay.  I am superfast as my mind talks to my fingers and they translate my thoughts thru the keyboard .
  10. Happy as a Clam Meaning: The state of being happy; feeling delighted. At one level YES.  very happy. On another I still believe that Things have a tendency to average out by day end.

These phrases sometimes set the tone for my day and invoke creative juices, new ideas, thoughts and sometimes prose, sometimes verses flow 🙂