Like Walking on the Edge of a Sword

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Shireen Davenport

Like Walking on the Edge of a Sword

“It is virtually impossible to understand the Avatar’s love and mercy. For those whom he loved and brought close to him, Baba had a dagger unsheathed ready to slit their egos! To tread the spiritual path is like walking on the edge of a sword. There the intellect does not count. Regarding his orders, there is no need to reason or analyze.

“The Avatar always does that which is of the utmost benefit to all concerned. His only ‘weakness’ is that he can never harm anyone. The Master had to do his work, and his apparent expression of extreme cruelty was, in fact, an expression of his extreme mercy. By rending the walls of his disciples’ obstinate egos, he was showering his blessings. Pounding the rock of the ego into dust, or cutting the thick veil of ignorance, results in suffering. His work is the annihilation of the ego-mind and that operation leaves scars, but the suffering eventually leads to infinite bliss.”

Online Lord Meher, p. 350, © AMBPPCT

Fine Artist: Charlie Mills