Message from Tony DUrso

Random acts of kindness today

  1. Compliment someone today!
  2. Know someone who is not coping very well? Give them a call
  3. We walk past homeless people every day; can you spare them 5 minutes of your time?
  4. Help someone improve, give them constructive feedback
  5. Pay for someone’s bus ticket

Did you know…

Did you know…

… that today is National Pecan Pie Day? If you like nuts, and you like pie, and you like sweets, then today is your day. Sweet and crunchy, Pecan Pie is a regular on the menu of most restaurants. Celebrate by eating a slice of pecan pie!


Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place – that is, the unique you. Have an aim in life, continuously acquire knowledge, work hard, and have perseverance to realize the great life.”

— A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Spiritual life – lock and key

Spiritual life is the real life. Everywhere there is bliss and nothing but bliss. Every moment, every hour, every day, I continually experience it. This bliss is in everyone and I am pondering how to make the world [mankind] aspire to and taste this bliss.

But there is a ‘lock’ put on it and only I have the ‘key.’ ” That is why I only smile at all these ‘excitements’ in the world.”

Lord Meher Online 1288

Random Phrases for today that came true for me.

  1. Heads Up
    Meaning: Used as an advanced warning. To become keenly aware. Overload on my computer time is slowing my Mac. AWAC.  May have to invest into new one. 5 websites/ weblogs and 6 fanpaes of my Mentorees I am managing as Startup Team support. 
  2. Up In Arms
    Meaning: Angry; being roused to the point that you are ready to fight. Fortunately, after yesterday, things cooled down.
  3. What Goes Up Must Come Down
    Meaning: Things that go up must eventually return to the earth due to gravity. Hmmm. I am trying to see that my mentees go up first, achieve their dreams – we shall see later how and what.
  4. Rain on Your Parade\\
  5. Meaning: To spoil someone’s fun or plans; ruining a pleasurable moment.  No. this did not happen – fortunately, Except one disappointment which is under control and can be improved.
  6. Barking Up The Wrong Tree
    Meaning: To make a wrong assumption about something. Nope, This did not happen and it feels so good.

Life of Spirit can not be life of Uncritical Limitation

Spiritual wisdom does not consist in the unquestioning acceptance of the ways of the world. The ways of the world are almost always a collective effect of the actions of materially inclined people.

Worldly people consider something to be right and make it right for persons of similar inclination. Therefore the blind following of convention does not necessarily secure wise action.

The life of the spirit cannot be a life of uncritical imitation; it must have its basis in the true understanding of values.


[Source- Discourses by Meher Baba, volume-I, p-127 (Copyright ©1967 by Adi K. Irani, King’s Rd., Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India]