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Don’t Let Them Underestimate You

WHAT TO READ NEXT How to Promote Yourself Without Looking Like a Jerk NETWORKING Don’t Let Them Underestimate You Dorie Clark AUGUST 30, 2013 SAVE SHARE COMMENT TEXT SIZE PRINT 8.95 BUY COPIES RECOMMENDED The Leader's Calendar LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE HBR ARTICLE 8.95 ADD TO CART How Are You Protecting Your High Performers from … Continue reading Don’t Let Them Underestimate You

Jay’s Dilemmas and his solution in Spirituality

. Chapter 2, Verse 63 krodhaadbhavati sammohah sammohaatsmritivibhramah | smritibhramshaadbuddhinaasho buddhinaashaatpranashyati || From anger comes delusion; from delusion, confused memory; from confused memory the ruin of reason; from ruin of reason, man finally perishes.   Luke 7:10Passage: Then the men who had been sent returned to the house and found the servant well.

Random phrases I generate every day

Hello BFFFs. ( Best friends, fans, followers and some Frenemies who also visit my blog 🙂 ) A great morning to all of you. How do I begin my Blog writing daily and what do I post.  I find generating random phrases every day as a good creative mind exercise. I am a lateral thinker, … Continue reading Random phrases I generate every day