Random Acts of Kindness I can do today.

  1. Read a good book recently? Pass it on to someone else  Yes.
  2. Share today’s food with your neighbour!  Sad. My 3 closest neighbors shifted residence.
  3. Lend a friend a book you think they’d like. Yes. 
  4. Save your family some time and buy their groceries. Hmmm… 
  5. Old laptop or mobile lying around? Donate it. Yes. will do.  Have one for old people and one basic model phone.
  6. Help a younger student with their work. Sure.
  7. Know someone who is not coping very well? Give them a call. I will.
  8. We rarely listen to others – ask someone about their day.  I will. 
  9. House chores can be tiring – offer a helping hand.  Yes. Wife out of town. Will cook and do laundry 🙂 

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