Jay’s Tantra 7 – For a Bad, Bad, Sad, Sad Day and the day just shines Bright!

I use this small hack I call as Tantra whenever I have a Bad BAd or Sad SAD day.

Someone once gifted me a Bible, and I have a childhood ShrimadbhagwatGita.

I open a page to read a Verse or a Shloka.

Yesterday, was one such day.  I went to my daily morning walks and stopped for taking some change at the Tea Shop.  The devout guy was lighting Agarbatti/ Incense to Lord Ganpati, Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Lakshmi.  I said, Good Omen ( Yes, even a Skeptic on a bad bad sad sad day can become believer ! ).

I read the following

2 Kings 2:18Passage: When they returned to Elisha, who was staying in Jericho, he said to them, “Didn’t I tell you not to go?”

And from Gita came

dhyaayato vishayaanh pumsah sangasteshhupajaayate |
sangaath samjaayate kaamah kaamaath krodho abhijaayate ||

A Shloka – my father taught me at the Age 7.

When a person dwells longingly on sense objects, an inclination towards them is generated.
This inclination develops into desire and desire gives rise to anger.

I got my messages – Strong and Clear. By evening I had put them to use and had Peace of mind and a good night’s sleep. Everything became alright.

Wanna try – Please do. It works for me every time.


WEIRD STUFF 10 People Who Claimed To Have Traveled To The Future



While the possibility of time travel remains debatable, we have had people who’ve claimed to have traveled to the past, the future, or even parallel universes. One common argument against time travel to the past deals with the possibility of altering the past. If you travel back in time and kill your parents, what happens to you? Do you die off, just disappear, or what?

Claims of time travel to the future are more realistic and believable, since the future is unknown. Some who claim to have traveled to the future even offer predictions to back up their stories. These predictions could be all they need to validate their time travel claims, should their prognostications come true. Even when they don’t, the time travelers could argue that they averted the event or made us avert it simply by telling us.

10John Titor

Photo credit: The Telegraph

On November 2, 2000, John Titor posted a message on an Internet forum claiming to be a time traveler from 2036. Titor claimed he had traveled to 1975 to pick up an IBM 5100 computer and only stopped by in the year 2000 over what he called “personal reasons.” To prove he was a real time traveler, Titor added pictures of his time machine and said it was made by General Electric.

Titor claimed that a civil war started in the US in 2004 and evolved into a nuclear war with Russia, leaving millions of people dead. He was part of a military unit that had traveled to the past to retrieve crucial items necessary for the survival of humanity. He had been tasked with retrieving an IBM 5100 computer to debug a machine used in 2036.

Besides warning of a civil war, Titor predicted there would be no Olympics in 2004 and that the West would collapse in 2005. The same year would see an outbreak of mad cow disease, and whoever was president would attempt to emulate Abraham Lincoln. Titor offered to take some people to the future, but just like his predictions, that never happened because he suddenly disappeared in March 2001.

In 2009, John Hughston of Hoax Hunter speculated that “Titor” was actually brothers Larry and John Rick Haber. However, some believe Titor was real and must have averted the civil war by indirectly warning the US governmentwhen he dropped by in 2000. Besides, Titor already mentioned that by traveling into the past, he had created a “worldline” and altered history. In fact, he claimed to have witnessed certain alterations to history, like an opposing team winning a football match instead of the team that had originally won it.[1]

9Andrew Basiago

Photo credit: Vice

Andrew Basiago is a Seattle lawyer and another time travel claimant. Not only does he claim to have traveled to the future, but he also says he’s traveled to the past and Mars. Basiago claims he went to Mars in 1981 alongside a teenage Barack Obama and William Stillings, who were involved in a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) effort to create a time machine.

Basiago claims the project, which was code-named Pegasus, was active between 1968 and 1972 and led to the creation of a real time machine. Basiago says he used the machine to travel to the year 1863, where he listened to one of Abraham Lincoln’s speeches, and the year 2054. He added that the US government frequently used the machine to deploy military unitsto alter the past and future as it deemed fit.

Unlike other time travelers, Basiago failed to provide us with some predictions about the future, except that he will become president between 2016 and 2028. Some do not believe Basiago’s claims of interplanetary and temporal travel, since they whole could have been a ploy to create awareness for a book he was writing at that time. On the other hand, the book could be a further revelation of his claims. That is, if they are true.[2]

8Bryant Johnson

In 2017, police officers in Casper, Wyoming, were called to deal with a drunkman roaming the streets. The man turned out to be Bryant Johnson, who claimed he was a time traveler from 2048. Johnson stated that he had traveled to 2017 to warn us of an alien invasion that was supposed to happen in 2018. He said he originally intended to travel to 2018 but arrived one year earlier because the aliens got him drunk.

He even demanded to speak with the “president of the town” to warn him of the impending invasion. Johnson’s time travel claim was clearly an excuse to avoid a public drunkenness charge. Officers did not fall for it and promptly arrested him. They revealed he was so drunk that his eyes were bloodshot, and he could not talk properly.[3]


Photo credit: Apex TV/YouTube

Noah claims to be from the year 2030. In a video posted on YouTube, he claimed artificial intelligence had taken over, Bitcoin was an acceptable currency, and climate change had heated North America and cooled Europe. He added that electric cars were more reliable and that humans were already traveling to Mars and had found cures for certain cancers.

The weirdest of his predictions dealt with President Donald Trump. Noah said that Trump changed his name to Ilana Remikee after winning the 2020 election. Noah’s claims remain in doubt since he provided no evidence to back up what he’d said. He claimed he could not provide any because of a “paradox” that will not make people believe him, anyway.

He followed up his initial video with another one in which he supposedly took a lie detector test to confirm he was telling the truth. We say “supposedly” because the machine was not visible in the video. Noah could not be identified from the footage, since his face was blurred and his voice altered. His videos were posted on Apex TV, a YouTube channel known to feature people with questionable time travel claims.[4]

6William Taylor

Photo credit: Beyond Reality News

William Taylor claimed to have traveled from 2005 to 3000 and finally 8973 before returning back to the present. He claimed to work for the “British Intelligence Agency” and to have been sent to the future as part of a time traveling experiment the agency had been working on since 1981. He first journeyed to the year 3000, when humans no longer walked on the ground but instead moved around in flying vehicles.

He later traveled to year 8973, where disease, death, war, and crime are nonexistent. All humans are tall and slim with big heads and eyes and live peacefully with robots and cyborgs. Taylor hinted that time travel seemed to be normal in the future, since no one was surprised when he mentioned he was a time traveler. In fact, he claimed to have met another time traveler from 2055.

Taylor also provided us with some insights into the British government’s alleged time travel project. He said the machine doesn’t just allow humans to travel through time but also to parallel universes. He added that other governments also have their own time travel projects, but they all keep them under wraps. However, the British government will unveil its own to the world in 2028.[5]


Bella is an Albanian lady who claimed to have traveled to the year 3800. She even added evidence: a selfie she supposedly took in the future. Bella claimed she was able to go to the future with the help of a Belarus physicist called Alexander Kozlov. She says the process of traveling through time is not as cool as we think. Everything turned black while she traveled, and whatever she used to journey to the future passed very high voltage through her body.

Bella claimed the future was not cool, either. Everything we know has been completely destroyed, with robots ruling over man. Everywhere she looked, she saw rubble, robots, and dead people. Bella even claimed to have encountered one of the killer robots. It was huge and capable of talking and making facial expressions. It asked her where she came from, but she did not answer.

Many people criticized Bella’s claims over several irregularities. She said she took several pictures, so she should have provided more photographs as evidence instead of just one. Even the picture she did show was questionable, even though there were futuristic-looking buildings in the background. Besides, her lipstick somehow remained perfectly applied, something that should not have been possible, considering the chaos.[6]

4Unidentified Man

An unnamed man from Siberia has said he traveled to the year 4040. The man claimed to have worked in a physics lab, where he and another scientist collaborated to build a time machine. He tested the machine and found himself in the year 4040, when half of the world’s population was dead while robots held sway.

The man added that the groundwork for the destruction of humanity was laid in 2458, when humans contacted some aliens from another galaxy. The aliens lived longer than humans—between 400 and 450 years on the average—but had just come out of a disastrous war that left only 200,000 survivors. They migrated to Earth in 2460.

Humans experienced rapid development after the arrival of the aliens. Health care improved, and humans were living up to 200 years. In 3213, humans and aliens collaborated to create artificial intelligence. They built a very large computer that was half the size of Europe and put it in the Pacific Ocean. The computer controlled every other robot and electronic device on Earth.

The computer soon overtook humans in intelligence and turned the robots against the humans and aliens. Both engaged in a war with the robots until the year 4040, by which time half of the world’s human population was dead. The unnamed man ended his time travel story by warning us about the dangers of artificial intelligence. He said it was a disaster waiting to happen.[7]

3Hakan Nordkvist

FACTS Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Magnetic Fields


Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Magnetic Fields



They wrap around objects ranging from the tiniest magnets to the entire Earth. Despite our fascination with these magnetic fields, they still produce many mysteries and strange behaviors.

Recent discoveries uncovered fields where none were ever seen before, the spot where the planet’s poles might flip, and how to control brains and make wormholes. Magnetic fields also create and sometimes solve fascinating riddles in space.

10Magnetic Moths

Photo credit: abc.net.au

Australia’s animals take the prize for strangeness. The country can now add the world’s first magnetic moths to the menagerie. Bogong moths will not stick to a magnet, but they have been exposed as the first nocturnal insects to use Earth’s magnetic field during migration.

Before this discovery was made in 2018, researchers wondered how billions of moths swarmed 1,000 kilometers (620 mi) to specific caves in New South Wales and Victoria. When a few were tested inside special bins, it showed that bogongs needed to calibrate magnetic lines with a visual cue (like a landmark) to find their way. If one of these was removed, they became confused.

While this is a unique discovery, it still does not solve the mystery of how migrating birds and other animals tap into the magnetosphere. One interesting theory suggests that light triggers an ability at a quantum level. Birds likely navigate the field when their eyes pick up light, which then creates an electrical signal at a molecular level that can detect magnetism. However, bogong moths are active at night and may operate on an entirely unknown mechanism.[1]

9Magnetic Flip Ground Zero

Photo credit: Live Science

At the moment, Earth’s magnetic field is thinning and is particularly weak from South Africa to Chile, an area called the South Atlantic Anomaly. Researchers decided to investigate this region with the hope of explaining why the entire planet’s field was weakening in the first place.

In 2018, they found another anomaly, this time stretching from South Africa to Botswana. When Iron Age farmers burned their clay homes, the fire froze magnetic minerals in such a way that it showed what the field was up to. For 1,500 years, a local electromagnetic patch bulged and shrank, weakened, or shifted direction completely.

These shifts suggest that the South Atlantic Anomaly has happened before in preparation for a global field reversal. If so, then the unusual magnetic spot under southern Africa’s mantle could be the point where the world’s field flips are triggered.[2]

The current weakening can go either way—change the magnetic poles or strengthen again to prevent a flip. Buffing up is good because a weak field struggles to filter cancer-causing UV rays and power grids become more vulnerable to geomagnetic storms.

8Bow Shock Mystery

Photo credit: Live Science

Earth hurtles through space at 108,000 kilometers per hour (67,000 mph). Much like the bow of a ship, the planet’s magnetic field cleaves open a path through solar wind. The latter is constantly being released by the Sun and is extremely hot.

For a long time, researchers felt that this “bow shock” was the reason solar wind was thinned enough to reach Earth as a mild breeze. Without this mysterious process, the planet would fry to a crisp. How this worked remained a puzzle.

But in 2018, the groundbreaking answer dawned. As it turns out, the magnetic field shreds solar electrons like it is being paid. When scientists analyzed satellite data gathered at the collision zone, they were amazed to see the magnetic field’s determination to rip the wind apart.

When it hit Earth’s bow shock at supersonic speed, electrons accelerated so fast that they disintegrated. As they popped, their destructive energy broke down into a kind of heat that was less dangerous.[3]

7New Magnetic Environment

Photo credit: space.com

The battle between solar wind and the magnetosphere does not entirely leave Earth in the clear. The stress of deflecting the Sun’s particles eventually causes magnetic field lines to snap. When one tears, it releases the energy it absorbed from the solar wind and this spells trouble for power grids, satellites, and spacecraft.

During a 2018 study to find out more about this threat, researchers found an entirely new swath of magnetic activity—and it was surprising. It churned within a violent border that exists between the solar wind and Earth’s magnetic field.

This area, made chaotic by solar particles, has always been known as the magnetosheath. However, things moved too fast to determine if magnetic lines also snapped in the sheath. It took a novel group of satellites to confirm that the process, known as reconnection, also happened in the magnetosheath.[4]

However, when things snapped, particles moved 40 times faster than in the usual magnetic field. It is also the first time that the two major phenomena connected to charged solar particles—magnetic reconnection and turbulence—are found in the same location.

6Earth’s Field Is Drifting West

Photo credit: Live Science

The planet’s magnetic field has been under observation for over four centuries. All this data confirmed a mystery that has never been fully solved. For some inexplicable reason, Earth’s field is drifting westward.

In 2018, research came up with a possible answer. But it was a strange one. Churning fluids—in the air, oceans, or the Earth’s core—create something called Rossby waves. The planet’s entire outer core is a rotating fluid and circulates these slow waves.

By nature, they are already considered odd, but core Rossby waves behave unlike any other. Oceanic and atmospheric Rossby waves crest toward the west, but those inside Earth move eastward. It is impossible to calculate the direction in which the bulk of the energy of these waves moves because the depth is so great.[5]

Scientists believe it possible that even though the waves crest east, more energy goes west and drags the magnetic field along. In the end, there is still no concrete explanation as to why the field travels westward about 17 kilometers (10.5 mi) per year.

5Earth’s Second Magnetic Field

Photo credit: sciencealert.com

In a “why are we only seeing this now?” moment, researchers discovered that Earth is wrapped in two magnetic fields. Most people know the one that made the science books and is created by the planet’s molten core. The second was discovered by accident when the European Space Agency (ESA) launched three satellites to study Earth’s magnetism.

As the trio mapped signals over the oceans, the data revealed how the tides produced a second field. For four years, the ESA studied the phenomenon before releasing their surprising findings in 2018.

The reason it remained hidden for so long was the tidal field’s strength or lack thereof. Compared to the one reaching far out into space, the second field was puny—around 20,000 times weaker.[6]

But the value of this discovery is huge for scientists, who grapple with Earth’s magnetic mysteries. Every new detail is like a puzzle piece that might help to explain why the poles flip and how the two magnetic fields affect each other. We may also learn more about the electrical properties of the lithosphere and upper crust.

4Pillars Of Creation Solved

Photo credit: ibtimes.com

In 1995, the Hubble Space Telescope found the “Pillars of Creation,” which became so famous that they appeared on everything from coffee coasters to movies. The stunning, color-wrapped tendrils of gas resembled huge pillars, and newborn stars were inside them.

Located 7,000 light-years away in the Eagle Nebula, the three towers’ own creation story was not cracked until 2018. New observations detected polarized light shining from the pillars, which betrayed the presence of a magnetic field within each. When the direction of the fields was mapped, the birth of the famous trio was solved.

Magnetic forces slowed down gas and cosmic dust within the nebula, which formed the landmark tendrils. The structures remain stable because magnetic fields support them in a novel way—by flowing in the opposite direction to the magnetism of the surrounding space.[7]

Considering that the pillars churn out fresh stars, understanding how these structures are molded by magnetism can change how scientists understand star formation.

3Uranus’s Field Shreds Constantly

Photo credit: space.com

When it comes to its own magnetic field, the planet Uranus cannot keep things together. In 2017, scientists wanted to see the distant world’s magnetosphere and used simulations and data from the 1986 flyby of NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft. The study revealed a wacky process from an already weird planet.

Uranus leans so far to one side that it resembles a ship about to fall over. This throws the magnetic field off-center in an epic manner. As Uranus completes a day (every 17.24 hours), the rotation makes the magnetosphere tumble wildly. Some areas shred open, while others reconnect. This frantic attempt to rebalance leaves the field with strobe-like flickers.[8]

Previously, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope confirmed that Uranus has auroras similar to Earth’s. The field’s opening and closing is likely responsible for the light show as any gaps allow solar particles inside. Once through the magnetosphere, which normally blocks them, the particles cause colorful streaks as they react with gases in the atmosphere.

2Wormhole For Magnets

Photo credit: Smithsonian Magazine

Physicists can do some strange things. But in 2015, they created something astounding—a wormhole for magnetic fields. Wormholes are famous in science fiction, but this is the first time that one became a reality.

This phenomenon connects two points in space or time. Theoretically, a traveler can move mind-boggling distances in the blink of an eye. The 2015 device is a metal sphere with several layers that will not be transporting star fleets any time soon, but it is a genuine wormhole.

Scientists placed a rolled-up magnetic tube inside the sphere before putting the whole thing inside another magnetic field. The cylinder disappeared for a moment and appeared to have left the visible world entirely before reappearing at the mouth of the wormhole.[9]

Interestingly, as it arrived again at the other side of the sphere, only one pole was visible. This was an illusion but no ordinary one—it showed a magnetic monopole, something that does not exist in nature.

1Brain Control

Photo credit: Live Science

In the hands of researchers, one of the freakiest abilities of a magnetic field is brain control. In 2017, a new study released the news. By using magnetic fields, scientists remotely activated brain cells in mice.

They focused on the striatum, the part responsible for the body’s movements. Incredibly, they could make the rodents run, freeze, and spin. The idea is to one day identify the purpose of brain circuits, particularly those responsible for certain behaviors and emotions. In turn, that could locate the same behavioral regions in human brains and treat conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

Those fearing a government plot to take over people’s free will can breathe easy. Magnetic fields usually pass through biological tissue without any effect. For the tests to work, special mice with microscopic magnetic particles had to be engineered.[10]

The particles stick to brain cells. When heated by magnetic stimulation, they caused neurons to fire and the mouse to behave in a certain way.

CREEPY 10 Ways To Get Rid Of A Body (And How They’d Really Work Out)


10 Ways To Get Rid Of A Body (And How They’d Really Work Out)



Whether it’s stuffing a body in a vat of acid or forcing a snitch to dig his own shallow grave, almost every movie with a body in it has its own way of getting rid of the corpse. Hollywood has expended more creativity into thinking up ways to hide a body than into writing a good script. But would any of it really work?

As part of our ongoing effort to see how much we can put into our Google search histories before the FBI breaks down our doors, we’ve investigated all the most iconic ways to dispose of a body and found out exactly what would happen if somebody tried these methods in real life.

10Dissolving A Body In A Vat Of Acid

Photo credit: washingtonstarnews.com

Breaking Bad makes getting rid of a body look easy. According to Walter White, all you have to do is throw a body in a vat and fill it with hydrofluoric acid. Soon, all that will be left will be a murky goo that was once your friend Gale.

In reality, though, it doesn’t quite work out that well. As far as acids go, hydrofluoric acid is actually a weak acid and is especially ineffective at breaking down bodies.[1]

That’s a lesson that some people have learned firsthand.

When three killers in France tried Walter White’s approach, they quickly found out that all the acid really did was make their victim’s body stink to high heaven. It called more attention to what they’d done, and the body didn’t even break down. When the police found the victim, she’d been in a vat of acid for 10 days and her body was still intact.

A team of German chemists wrote a paper on White’s theory and suggested that you could get better results with different chemicals. But anyone who tried it would still be looking at a horrible smell and an awfully long wait.

9Pulling A ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’

Photo credit: cbslocal.com

Believe it or not, somebody’s tried acting out Weekend at Bernie’s in real life. The movie is an ‘80s comedy where two men take their dead boss’s body out for a weekend of partying.

When Robert Young and Mark Rubinson found their friend dead in his home, they decided to take him out for one last night on the town at his expense. They threw their friend in the back seat of their car, took his dead body barhopping through three separate venues, and closed off the night by blowing $400 of their dead friend’s money at a strip club.

Unlike the movie, they didn’t actually drag their friend’s body into the club. They left him in the back seat of the car throughout the whole fiasco. So it’s not entirely clear why they bothered dragging his corpse around at all.

When the night was over, they called the cops to report that their friend was dead. But since real life isn’t a raunchy ‘80s comedy movie, the police didn’t just laugh it off. The paired ended up in jail on a pile of charges, including abusing a corpse.[2]

8Stuffing A Body Into A Wood Chipper

Photo credit: filmschoolrejects.com

The most memorable moment in Fargo has to be when Steve Buscemi’s killer is caught stuffing him into a wood chipper. Believe it or not, that wasn’t just a scene from the Coen brothers’ imaginations. It was based on Richard Crafts, the man who killed his wife and tried to get rid of her body just like in the movie.

Wood chippers really are strong enough to pulverize human body parts, including bones, and Crafts’s plan actually worked out fairly well. He was able to get rid of enough evidence so that most of his wife’s body still hasn’t been found.

His approach left quite a mess behind, though. Even if they never found her whole body, crime scene investigators found fragments of hair, fingernails, teeth, and bones scattered around the crime scene. Blood had also soaked into the carpet and the furniture.[3]

It wasn’t particularly subtle, either. His neighbors definitely noticed when he rolled in a massive wood chipper and started running it without bothering to gather any wood. All that noise ended up being a big part of how the police knew to check his property in the first place.

7Making Them Dig Their Own Graves

Photo credit: christianpost.com

The Wild West classic is to hold your victim at gunpoint and make him dig his own grave. It’s a fine way to avoid a little backbreaking labor. But if you’re going to make someone bury himself, you’d better leave a few days open in your schedule.

In some ways, this works better than you’d think. It would seem that most people, when armed with a shovel and staring their own death in the eye, would fight for their lives rather than dig. But, in practice, that doesn’t really happen. In most real-life accounts, the victims appear to be resigned to their fates and dig.

It takes an awful lot of time, though. Professional gravediggers need an hour to dig a grave with a backhoe and the better part of a day to do it with a shovel. And that’s in ideal conditions. If the soil’s hard and the person digging has every reason to take his time doing it, digging a 1.8-meter (6 ft) grave could take days.

The best you’ll get is a shallow grave, and police are experts at finding them. They have “cadaver dogs” that are specially trained to sniff out buried bodies, and they know how to spot the subtle variations on the surface that give away where a grave is hiding. So a body in a shallow grave probably won’t stay hidden long.[4]

6The Norman Bates Approach

Photo credit: imdb.com

Technically, the specialty of Psycho’s Norman Bates wasn’t getting rid of bodies. He just left his mother’s body right where it was, sitting in her house, and went on acting like she was still alive. However, when one man tried the Norman Bates’s approach in real life, it worked out a lot better than you’d expect.

Timothy Fattig got away with it for the better part of a year. When Fattig’s mother died of natural causes, he was too distraught to call the police. Instead, he let her body slowly decompose in her house and pretended that she was still alive.

When friends and family asked where she was, Fattig would tell them that she was in the hospital. It worked for a surprisingly long time. It took about a year before a police officer finally came to her home, trying to figure out why nobody had seen her. When the cop said he knew that she wasn’t in the hospital, Fattig broke down and told the truth.[5]

The autopsy showed that Fattig hadn’t killed her, so he was let off without any charges whatsoever. Believe it or not, the real-life Norman Bates was allowed to return to society.

Well, for a few years anyway. Today, Fattig is in prison for an unrelated theft charge. As it turns out, a person who leaves his mother’s dead body in the house and pretends that she’s still alive tends not to be mentally stable.

5Fitting Them For Cement Shoes

Photo credit: vice.com

The Mafia doesn’t really pour concrete on their victims’ feet and throw their bodies in the river despite what you’ve seen in the movies. For one thing, concrete takes hours to dry, so they’d have to get their victims to stay still for the better part of a day to pull it off. Plus, it doesn’t work particularly well.

Gangsters have tried this in real life—just not Italian ones. In 2016, Peter Martinez, a member of the “Crips” gang, was fitted with a pair of cement shoes and thrown into Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay. His body didn’t stay hidden for long.

Air bubbles in the concrete caused Martinez’s body to float back up nearly as soon as he was thrown in. The tidal flow then knocked him around and sent him washing up on the coast of Manhattan Beach, where a group of families trying to enjoy a nice day out with their kids found him drifting up to the shore.[6]

4Calling The Cleanup Crew

Photo credit: vice.com

In movies, the mob usually has a professional on hand just for this job. Men like The Wolf in Pulp Fiction are always just a dial away, ready to use their expertise to make the crime scene spotless.

In reality, this job probably doesn’t exist. We couldn’t find a single example of a person making a living by cleaning up crime scenes before the cops could find them.

Scrubbing the scene of a death takes an average of 9–12 hours. According to crime scene cleaner Scott Vogel, it “requires much more than rubber gloves and Lysol.” The blood and human waste seeps into the furniture, the carpets, and even the walls. Crime scene cleaners often have to tear apart the whole interior of a room to get it back to normal.[7]

They say that the hardest part is getting rid of the smell of death that lingers in the air. Professionals have large machines and specially formulated chemicals for that purpose. However, even with their equipment, they aren’t always able to get rid of the stench of blood and guts.

Some people have learned this the hard way. For example, Phyllis Simmons spent several days trying to scrub her floors after she stabbed a man to death. When the cops caught her, there was still evidence left over at the crime scene.

3Feeding The Body To Pigs

According to the movie Snatch, there’s no better way to get rid of a body than to feed it to pigs. “They will go through bone like butter,” the character Brick Top says in the movie. “They will go through a body that weighs [90 kilograms (200 lb)] in about eight minutes.”

Theoretically, his idea should work. Pigs really will eat anything. They don’t even need to be that hungry. One group of pigs attacked, killed, and ate the farmer who owned them while he was giving them food.[8]

They have been known to eat bones, and it’s been theorized that a group of 14 lactating sows could work through an adult man within two hours. It has to be a lactating sow, though. If you use other types of pigs, it can take weeks.

No matter how effective this seems to be in theory, it has never worked perfectly in practice. In most cases, the pigs have left gnawed-up bones or scattered body parts behind. Even serial killer Robert Pickton, who made feeding his victims to pigs part of his signature, had a wealth of evidence lying in pens, untouched by the pigs, when he was arrested.

2Burning The House Down

One classic way to clean up a crime scene is to get rid of it altogether. In countless CSI episodes and horror films, people have disposed of bodies by just burning the people’s houses to the ground completely, taking all the evidence with them.

In reality, though, house fires don’t turn bodies into the unidentifiable ash you see on TV. Crematoriums usually have to get their temperatures as high as 1,100–1,500 degrees Celsius (2,000–2,700 °F) to turn a body into ash, far hotter than the 800–900 degrees Celsius (1,500–1,700 °F) you’ll get in a wood fire. Even then, cremations usually leave behind little bone fragments that have to be ground up by hand before they can be given back to the family.

Those fragments are enough to get somebody arrested. They’re harder to analyze, but it can be done. Crime scene investigators also have dogs that can sniff out gasoline and other signs that a house fire was set on purpose.

Several killers tried this approach in real life and were usually stuck with fragments of bones that they couldn’t figure out how to get rid of—and that ended up incriminating them. In one case, two killers actually tried to burn a body three times and still couldn’t get rid of the bones.[9]

1Burying A Body Beneath A Coffin

In one episode of Dexter, the serial killer star gives another character a tip on how to hide a body so that it will never be found. Bury them in someone else’s grave, he says, underneath another man’s coffin. Nobody will ever dig it up.

This idea has been tried in real life, and it actually worked fairly well. In the 1920s, the DeCavalcante crime family used a funeral home that they owned to bury their murder victims under their customers’ bodies.

They built “double-decker coffins” with a secret compartment underneath. There, they would hide the dead body of one of their victims underneath the corpse of a relative of some grieving family. The pallbearers would notice the unusual weight of the coffin and would often give each other strange looks as they struggled to carry it to the tomb. But nobody ever asked any questions.

No one figured out what the DeCavalcante family was doing until 2003 when a mob snitch described the technique in a courtroom. By then, they’d been getting away with murder for about 80 years.[10]

Random sentences – EOD (end of day) fun

I like these randomly generated sentences. See what I  fond today. They are great creativity exercise. Words in Bold are my thoughts. 🙂

  1. The shooter says goodbye to his love. 
    Well, Almost. The key word missing was trigger and I found the right trigger to do the Right things and took back my Good bye:) 
  2. She works two jobs to make ends meet; at least, that was her reason for not having time to join us.  

    The between the lines word reader, Mean Meaning Making mind of mine found something. Guess what?  Ignore, Neglect to Kill ! 🙂 Happened to you any time? Well, it does happen to me all the time . 🙂

  3. What was the person thinking when they discovered cow’s milk was fine for human consumption… and why did they do it in the first place!?

    I found this sentence very interesting.  Did you?  Provokes thoughts, No? I am called a Provocative Coach, who challenges coachees, mentees all the time with such and other questions 🙂 🙂

To end, I know many in India consider it a Bad Omen if a Cat – especially a black cat crosses the road.  This morning coming back from my walk, I noticed a Golden yellow colored cute cat, waiting to cross the road,  I stopped in my tracks, the Skeptic in me said,  “Move on, you are a skeptic, don’t have these thoughts, there is no such thing as BAD OMEN!  ”

AND,…. What happened was hilarious…..



…………………… The Cute Golden Yellow color Cat


Simply nodded at me – as if saying – you cross first – I don’t believe in Bad Omens either 🙂

I crossed the road and saw the cat also coolly crossing the road. 🙂

Today’s Inspirational Quote


“If you wish to glimpse inside a human soul and get to know a man, don’t bother analyzing his ways of being silent, of talking, of weeping, of seeing how much he is moved by noble ideas; you will get better results if you just watch him laugh. If he laughs well, he’s a good man.”

— Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Great Weekend – Random acts of Kindness today

  1. Who will be making dinner for your family today? Tag, you’re it!  YESSS.  WIFE Away, Cooking something. 
  2. Make someone’s day – tell a friend why you appreciate them.  I did. Infact, ventured my opinion on what women should dress. And, trust me it was well appreciated. 
  3. Put your phone down and have a conversation with a friend.  Only one call but very productive. 
  4. Know someone who is not coping very well? Give them a call  
  5. Be proactive – sign a petition for a good cause
  6. Leave someone flowers anonymously
  7. Make amends with someone you may have wronged.  I DID IT. I AM positive. Hope is not part of my strategy but making amends, failure attribution, admitting mistakes and failures is. 
  8. Someone wronged you? Forgive them  I DID. 
  9. Offer to help your neighbours/friends with chores
  10. Be eco-friendly – unplug electronics when you’re finished using them.  Yessss ! 

My day and the Random Phrases. Overall a Great day of Rest.

  1. Quick On the Draw
    Meaning: Performing an action with the greatest of haste.
  2. Back to Square One
    Meaning: To go back to the beginning; back to the drawing board. Took the lead to mend fences and getting into Mission mode rather than the Shared Vision mode. 
  3. Wouldn’t Harm a Fly
    Meaning: Nonviolent; someone who is mild or gentle. 
  4. It’s Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be
    Meaning: Failing to meet expectations; not being as good as people say.  But sometimes, we fail to do the right things knowingly and then wake up too late to recover from the shock 
  5. Birds of a Feather Flock Together
    People tend to associate with others who share similar interests.  Hmmm.. 

Change with the Time – Great WhatsApp forward from a friend.

In 1998, Kodak employed 1,70,000 employees and sold 85% of the world’s photo papers. Within the last few years, digital photography made them out of the market. Kodak went bankrupt and all his staff came on the road. .

HMT (clock)
BAJAJ (scooter)
MURPHY (radio)
NOKIA (Mobile)
RAJDOOT (bike)

There was no shortage of quality at all, yet they were out of the market !!
They have not changed over time. !!

You have an idea that in the coming 10 years, the world will change completely and 70 to 90% of the people running today will be closed.

Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution …

Uber is just a software. He does not have a single car of his own, despite this he is the world’s largest taxi company.

Airbnb is the world’s largest hotel company, while they do not have a single hotel of their own.

There are many examples like paytm, ola cabs, oyo rooms.

There is no work left for young lawyers in the US now because the software named IBM Watson gives better legal advice throughout the moment. In the next 10 years, 90% of Americans will become unemployed … who will save 10% … they will be Super Specialists.

The software named Watson is diagnosed with 4x Accuracy of Cancer compared to humans. By 2030 the computer will be more intelligent than humans.

By 2018, Driverless cars will land on the roads. By 2020, this single invention will start to change the whole world.

90% cars will disappear from the streets of the world in the next 10 years … Those who will survive will either have electric cars or hybrid … roads will be empty, consumption of petrol will decrease by 90%, all Arab countries will become bankrupt .

You will request a car from a software like Uber and in a few moments, a driverless car will be parked at your door … if you share it with someone, that ride will be cheaper than your bike.

Due to being a driverless of cars, 99% of accidents will stop. This will stop the business of Car Insurance.

No employment like a driver will survive on earth. When 90% cars will disappear from cities and roads, problems like Traffic and Parking will end automatically … because a car will be equal to 20 cars today.

From today 5 or 10 years ago, there was no such place where there is no PCO. When the mobile phone arrived, the PCOs had to shut down. The PCO people started selling the mobile phones. Now the recharge is also going online.

Have you ever noticed ..?

Today, every third store in the market is a mobile phone store which does
sale, service and maintenance of phones and it’s accessories..

Almost all payments are done by Paytm today ..
People have started booking railway tickets with their phones. The transaction of money is also changing. Currency Note was replaced by Plastic Money and now it’s


Every Person should continue to make changes in his business or his / her way of working and should also change his / her nature over time for Good.

“Keep Updating / Upgrading Your Skills and Knowledge with Time”

The world is changing very fast ..
Keep Your eyes and ears open or else you will lose …

Be prepared to change with time.

Run with time and
Be Successful.🙏🌹🙏