Whenever It Rains in This City – Scribe – Medium – My fav Poet

Photo by Jon Ly on Unsplash
Whenever it rains in this city,
I remember your eyes.
I wonder if they ever
shed a single tear for me.

While people take shelter,
I run out to feel the drops
on my face, hands, and arms;
in case the same cloud showered you once.

Whenever it rains in this city,
I recall the day you were drenched.
With a thoughtful face, you came to me,
as my love letter awaited in my bag.

I held my umbrella over your head
and revealed I wrote you a letter.
You promised to read it.
As a reply, you burned it.

Whenever it rains in this city,
I remember the ashes
and my heart in that envelope,
filling the white pages.

Whenever it rains in this city,
I remember walking you home,
covering you with my umbrella
all the way, as I got soaked.

And upon arriving at your door,
how we exchanged glances for a moment,
how I forgot about the letter,
taking a mental picture.

Whenever it rains in this city,
I wish I could kiss you once;
I wish I didn’t write that letter;
I wish I never knew you.

Whenever it rains in this city,
I long to be
the rain
that drenches you.

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12th Certification this month.WOW! I’m on a Roll !:)

12. Power of Persuasion UC-G11CVUA7.jpgvia UC-G11CVUA7.jpg (1600×1194)

My Random sentences for the day

  1. The river stole the gods. Hmmm…. I think there is truth there. .. Will wait till day end.
  2. Don’t step on the broken glass. – True, especially when you have shown someone the mirror undiplomatically, unapologetically and unconventionally and it has been broken using your HEAD 🙂 

Random Inputs and My New Day begins

  1. Quick and Dirty Meaning: Things that are fixed with great speed, but as a result, it’s probably not going to work very well.  No, it wasn’t dirty but it was a bad prank I played for a couple of days having failed last time, I think it has gone awry again and I may be on the brink of losing a good friend. That will be very sad. 
  2. No-Brainer Meaning: Anything that requires minimal brain activity to accomplish. I thought it displays my state of mind today with No brains 🙂 but fortunately it means something else.
  3. Know the Ropes Meaning: Having a familiarity or understanding of how something works. Yes. I have said sorry profusely. I am hoping it will work. 
  4. What Goes Up Must Come Down Meaning: Things that go up must eventually return to the earth due to gravity.  I am positive. 
  5. Don’t Look a Gift Horse In The Mouth Meaning: When you receive a gift from someone, do not be ungrateful. Will have to wait and see how the day unfolds hereafter.