Auto generated poetry

With some edits here and there.


A smile of beautiful lips

a small rustle of wings

Dreaming in her pallor of gold

lovely outstretched feet black velvety jacket;
the river murmurs of lascivious satyrs;
that by starlight! for more than a thousand years!

Droops her pale flowerlike cheek squat flower-cups.
– golden foam on her hair, stars spring in the moss.
On his golden chariot dropping pollen like commas.
– proudly displays golden being a goddess with the.

A smile of beautiful lips, a small rustle of wings
showed her rosy navel her great veils rising
why the golden stars but endless;

I cared nothing for all,

whose sobs realize incredible Floridas,
never endured more triumphant

clamourings entranced in the pallid flotsam
delirious skies are, i hung there

by Jay & Arthur Rimbaud